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Building houses in year 1

This week Year One had a visit from Lewisham Homes. Alys explained how houses get built in our local area. She taught us the whole process from finding land, designing houses, sharing ideas and finally the build. Alys then shared ‘big boards’ which had architects designs of houses and their surrounding areas. They showed the choice of materials they could use, aerial views of the areas and maps of the interior. We had lots of questions to ask. Here are just a few:

How did you decide where to put the houses?

If you find a big space will you build there?

Have you ever heard someone say they want a different shape?

Which is the strongest material you have used?

How do you put the windows and doors in?

How do you know what roof to use?

Where do people live when you’re making the homes?

This visit helped us to evaluate the houses that we had previously made. It also supported our geography learning of aerial photographs and plan perspectives.

We were more confident to create simple maps of our local area after this visit.


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