Kilmorie runs for money!

As part of the events to raise money for the school council chosen charity Barnardo’s the pupils of Kilmorie ran a marathon. Each class from Reception to Year 6 ran at least a mile in order to make up the length of a marathon (just over 26 miles). Throughout the day the children in each class either ran a mile in playground or around the streets that circle the school. The older children who ran the road route travelled along Kilmorie Road, right out of the gate, down Vancouver Road, past the nursery entrance along Elsinore Road, back up Woolstone Road and right back on to Kilmorie Road. To run the mile, the children did 2 1/2 circuits and then returned to the school via the nursery entrance. Year 6s and their teachers had to run two miles to ensure the full marathon distance was reached.

Children and adults alike were very impressive with their determination to keep running as much as possible and we all realised how important the Daily Mile has been in helping us prepare for the marathon. The event was planned by the upper phase school council and we are proud to announce that through the hard work of the pupils and the generosity of family and friends, we made over £900!

I am sure Bernardo’s will be really pleased with the donation. Do look out for the next school council event being planned for early next year.

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