Chirping Chicks? Not Yet!

Excitingly, last week Alice, Nora and Shona visited Christmas Tree Farm to collect eggs for us to hatch in our classrooms. While doing some research in class, we found out that the eggs will need to be cared for carefully in incubators to keep them safe and healthy. We are expecting them to hatch around 14th May, so keep an eye and ear out on the top corridor for some chirping chicks!

Here’s what the children had to say:

Claudia: I’m looking forward to seeing it hatch because it will look really cute and I love cute things!

Thanujan and Thailia: We found out that you shouldn’t feed a lot of bread to a chick because it’s not good for their intestines. Instead, you should feed them lettuce, worms and invertebrates.

Dorian: On day 4, the chick’s heart will start beating for the first time.

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