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We have had such a fun week! There were 14 of us that did not go on school journey in Year 6 and we have had a great time. On Monday we took a trip to The Science Museum where we explored old and new inventions and even travelled through the history of space exploration. It was such a beautiful day on Monday so when we left Central London we decided to stop off on the way back in Mayow Park. The teachers were pooped so they lay on the grass, but we all had a wonderful time playing in the playground.

Tuesday was good fun too. We planned and began making dens for the Reception children to play in. We designed our den, what they would look like and their use; we spoke to Gary about using only recycled material and got on with making. We had a short break for PE where we got nice and sweaty playing some really fun team games.

On Wednesday morning we went bowling in Lewisham where the teachers proved they were not all fantastic at it!  And spent the afternoon with Sarah at Forest School.

On Thursday again we stayed in school; we worked on our dens and had another PE session where we played team games and saw the teachers getting a little competitive over a game of Kings and Queens.

We are planning to go to the park on Friday, but are going to see what the weather is like before deciding. If not, there are the dens to finish and think someone mentioned making some cakes…

The afternoon with Amanda will be fun as we are going to be doing some music tech. Have a look at the few photos the teachers took. There aren’t many because they were so busy having fun that they kept forgetting!

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