High Ropes at Arethusa

Wow! What a fun-filled day we’ve had today.

One group of us have faced the dangers of the high ropes and the infamous leap of faith; mastered the art of using other senses than sight in the blind trail; learnt how to start a fire using flint and steel and built our own shelters to withstand weather extremes!

The other group of us had just as much fun. We spent the morning in the beautiful town of Rochester, where we walked around the castle and visited the fascinating Guildhall Museum. It was really good fun but we decided that the castle could do with being rebuilt as it was rather chilli with the wind whistling through. After a lunch of delicious chicken wraps we then did some orienteering and went swimming again.

We are having a lot of fun and really enjoying telling the people in our rooms about what have done during the day. It’s been so good today we think we might even let our teachers have some sleep tonight!!

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