survival skills

School Journey Day 3

The weather has been really fantastic today, freezing cold of course, but beautiful and sunny too. Against all the odds, we’ve managed to get the postcards sent, so look out for them in the post.

Today has been relentless fun and activities again. We’ve learned to survive in the wild with survival skills, we’ve dangled off Jacob’s Ladder, we’ve climbed up to the top of the climbing wall and had to trust falling back to the ground and we’ve jumped ourselves to exhaustion on Aeroball.

Hanging in there.

Team work

Hurry up!

We polished off the night with a great game of ambush in the forest with torches and camouflage.

Thankfully the amazing food has kept us warm and kept us going through the cold.

We have all been very brave and pushed ourselves through our comfort zones. We’re missing our families but are keeping ourselves busy.


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