Remote Learning at Kilmorie School

Children brought ho a remote learning pack on 19th March, containing a learning journal with passwords for online learning platforms that we recommend and use in school. We also included hard copies of resources. Further resources are organised under year groups from the button link below. Resources will be updated after the Easter holiday, however some activities are ongoing and can be revisited.

Additionally, we have compiled a list of websites that can be accessed by children of all ages.

One positive thing in this difficult and challenging time is having the opportunity to spend more time with our children and close family. As well as the learning activities don’t forget to have fun – as we all know children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. Developing communication skills and confidence are vital to children developing a love for lifelong learning, so keep talking!

VE Day Dance Funfrom Push Studios in East Dulwich. The team there have put together a dance fit class to fabulously nostalgic music. You can do the whole thing or just choose certain sections. They range from slower to faster. Or even just watch and make up your own dances![/button]

Remote Learning Resources


Kilmorie Nursery and School remain closed until further notice.  All notifications and updates will be sent to parents and carers by email and also available on the website homepage.
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