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Symbols and Music

This week amongst all our Chinese new year celebrations, we had fun painting symbols and numbers on the large board that we had previously painted red. We used small paint […]

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reception discover 3

Reception Discover

Reception children really enjoyed their recent trip to the ‘Discover’ Centre in Stratford. We listened to a story teller read ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and enjoyed an immersive story experience […]

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What An Adventure!

The production of Alice has had audiences mesmerised by some fantastic talent, wit, charm and musical extravanganza.  The children of Kilmorie have delivered a sensational show night after night with vibrant […]

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Keeping Happy and Healthy!

We’ve been talking about how to eat healthily and encouraging the children to explore the colours, tastes, smells and textures of fruits through the charming story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The […]

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Uncovering the Mystery

The children have been busy dressing up as detectives, drawing maps, noting down clues and solving number puzzles.  Some challenges were even couriered to the school office, by a mysterious […]

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break in 1

Reception Break In!!!

In reception we have been investigating 3 robberies. In each class, money and precious class toys were stolen!  Children have been completing challenges each day in a bid to solve […]

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