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Kilmorie Shop

In  maths the children have created a Kilmorie shop where they have been using money to buy a variety of items, adding up the cost and selecting the appropriate notes […]

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Creating Human Sentences

In English the children have been looking at improving sentences using fronted adverbials and subordinating clauses. They did this by creating human sentences and had lots of fun adding in […]

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Teaching You, Teaching Me

Kassi’s class have been looking at instructional writing and soon recognised the importance of making instructions clear and direct when they were giving one another directions around cones in the […]

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Reading Together

This week, Sabrina’s Year 6 class and Ellie’s Year 3 class buddied up for reading. Each child brought a book with them, and took turns reading aloud to their partner. […]

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What An Adventure!

The production of Alice has had audiences mesmerised by some fantastic talent, wit, charm and musical extravanganza.  The children of Kilmorie have delivered a sensational show night after night with vibrant […]

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British Museum 1

Re-Discovering the Romans

Year 3 had a fantastic time exploring the Roman galleries at the British Museum.  We learned lots about the everyday life of the Romans by looking at the artefacts. Exploring […]

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