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Loops of Music?

In computing we have been trying to make Viking-inspired digital music. We used the Isle of Tunes program to help us. We had to create loops of music thinking about […]

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Speed Stacking in Year 4!

In Sarah R’s class in year 4 we tested our hand-eye coordination by learning how to do speed stacking.  Learning to do this also helps with our ambidexterity and concentration.  […]

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Busy Day Three

Today was not only fun filled but a little snow filled too! Well we had a smattering. We have had a brilliant time again today. Half of us visited Rochester […]

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High Ropes at Arethusa

Wow! What a fun-filled day we’ve had today. One group of us have faced the dangers of the high ropes and the infamous leap of faith; mastered the art of […]

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Viking Porridge!

The year 4 home school journey children researched, planned, cooked and ate a delicious Viking breakfast this morning, although they weren’t too keen on the Viking porridge! They have been busy […]

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Arethusa Warriors

The first day has been great! We arrived in really good time (eventually!). We have settled into our dorms and passed the first challenge of making our beds. Some of […]

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Mummy not Yummy Oranges!

Hannah’s class have been mummifying oranges! As part of our Ancient Egyptian project, we have been learning about the process of mummification, and how it developed over time. Once we understood […]

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