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Arethusa Warriors

The first day has been great! We arrived in really good time (eventually!). We have settled into our dorms and passed the first challenge of making our beds. Some of […]

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Mummy not Yummy Oranges!

Hannah’s class have been mummifying oranges! As part of our Ancient Egyptian project, we have been learning about the process of mummification, and how it developed over time. Once we understood […]

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Paris Day

Year 4 had a fantastic Paris Day!  They came prepared with homemade maps, binoculars and cameras ready to explore Paris. After a delicious Parisian breakfast they toured La Louvre museum, navigated […]

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States of matter 1

States of Matter

In Science, we have been investigating states of matter. We looked at three different balloons; one containing a solid, one a liquid and the other a gas. We thought about […]

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Chess Champions

Congratulations to Robert, Eddie, Lenny, Torin, Ellis, Stanley, Alvar and Eric who competed on behalf of Kilmorie at the Primary Chess Champions’ League in Kent.

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