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Glorious Gardens

The gardens at Kilmorie School have been blooming this Spring, we have had a lovely display of tulips and daffodils. On Saturday 1st April we had our first Gardening Day […]

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Investigative Experiments

In Year 5 as a part of our science topic, the children learnt and performed investigative experiments about reversible and irreversible changes to materials and separation of materials. During the […]

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North America Art

In Year 5 as a part of our topic, the children researched Georgia O’Keeffe, a North American artist. They drew still life pictures and landscapes inspired by her style of […]

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Year 5 Freeze Frames

In English we have been reading Varmints by Helen Ward and Marc Craste. The children created freeze frames to consider the character of the creatures to help them with their […]

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Inspiring Art

In art, we have been exploring artists from North America.  Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist.  We used her self-portraits as inspiration for our own work. Keith Haring was […]

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Google expeditions 2

Geographical Range

To help us travel the world, we used Google Expeditions.  This gave us an opportunity to explore a range of nations, focusing on different geographical features of countries.  We noticed […]

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Exploring Maps

What a fantastic half term we have had.  We have been learning about North America and exploring maps.  To prepare for this, we created our own maps of the school […]

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