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Investigating properties

In Sarah R’s Class we have continued to investigate the properties of materials in science. We thought about how we could use the properties to separate different materials in a […]

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Soluable Outcomes

In science we have been looking at the properties of materials. During our last lesson we focused on if solutes dissolved when put into water. We were then able to […]

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Sending Coded Messages

In year 5 during our computing sessions we have been looking at cryptography. We had a go at using a Cipher Disk to send our own encrypted message. It was […]

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parachute 4

Parachute investigation

In year 5 we have been investigating different variables that affect how slowly an object will fall with a parachute. We had to think of ways to solve the problem […]

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Our own highwayman poem

In year 5 we have been writing our own modern version of The Highwayman poem. Once we had completed it we practised our oracy skills, focusing on our voice projection, […]

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Diving logo

Are you a future diver?

This week children from Year 2 – Year 6 were tested on their potential to be future divers for Team GB. A member of Crystal Palace Diving Club visited the […]

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Messing about on the river!

On Thursday 14th March, Nora and Stephanie’s classes visited the Creekside Discovery Centre in Deptford. This was a great opportunity to show off our Geography and Science learning about the […]

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