Take This Artist 2021

This year for our Summer exhibition project we have chosen the artist Jadé Fadojutimi. Her work delights and inspires our creativity. Jadé Fadojutimi is a contemporary abstract artist whose work both questions and establishes her identity. She surrounds herself with the objects, colour and music that she loves and these become the stimulus for her work.

At Kilmorie, the children too brought in their favourite, important and meaningful objects. They surrounded themselves with these and with music. They explored observational drawing; the nature of abstract art; their feelings; colour and colour theory; pattern, shape and maths. They thought about Jadé’s quote:

The world is both good and bad at defining the world for you.

They considered and celebrated their own identity and how they wish to present themselves to the world.

Jadé Fadojutimi - British Painter Artist

Jadé Fadojutimi – British Painter & Artist (Photo © Jadé Fadojutimi 2021)

Below you will find a selection of photographs from each year group and also from WRAP. We think you will agree that the children (and teachers) have surpassed themselves and should be extremely proud of the end results.

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