Equality Objectives

Kilmorie Primary School Equality Information and Objectives

The 2010 Equality Act places a duty on the school to publish the following information on an annual basis

Characteristics of our school population (as of October 2017)


REception yEAR 1-6  total
Total 90 502 592
Boys 45 248 293
Girls 45 254 299

Pupil Premium Reception to Year 6

Pupil Premium : 96 (16.2%)

Ethnic Groups as of October 2016

ETHNICity NUMBER % pupils
Any Other Asian Background 18 2.80%
Any Other Black Background 22 23.42%
Any Other Ethnic Group 12 1.86%
Any Other Mixed Background 38 5.90%
Any Other White Background 84 13.04%
Bangladeshi 3 0.47%
Black African 15 2.33%
Black Caribbean 48 7.45%
Chinese 2 0.31%
Indian 10 1.55%
White European 80 12.8%
Information Not Yet Obtained 26 4.04%
Other Mixed Background 3 0.47%
Pakistani 4 0.62%
Refused 13 2.02%
Si Lankan Tamil 1 0.16%
Turkish/Turkish Cypriot 1 0.16%
White and Any Other Ethnic Group 1 0.16%
White and Asian 31 4.81%
White and Black African 18 2.80%
White and Black Caribbean 36 5.59%
White British 248 38.51.9%
White English 2 0.31%
White European 6 0.93%
White Irish 2 0.31%


 LANGUAGE total number percentage  LANGUAGE TOTAL NUMBER percentage
Afrikaans 2 0.31% Lithuanian 4 0.62%
Albanian/Shqip 5 0.78% Malayalam 1 0.16%
Arabic (Algeria) 1 0.16% Panjabi 3 0.47%
Arabic (Any Other 1 0.16% Pashto/Pakhto 5 0.78%
Arabic (Morocco) 1 0.16% Persian/Farsi 2 0.31%
Bengali (Any Other) 3 0.47% Polish 12 1.86%
Bulgarian 3 0.47% Portuguese 2 0.31%
Chinese (Any Other) 2 0.31% Portuguese (Any Other) 3 0.47%
Chinese (Mandarin/Putonghua 1 0.16% Russian 1 0.16%
 Dutch/FLemigh 2 0.31% Sign Language (Other) 1 0.16%
 English 490 75.97% Slovak 1 0.16%
 Finnish 1 0.16% Somali 1 0.16%
 French 22 3.41% Spanish 7 1.09%
 German 10 1.55% Swedish 4 0.62%
 Greek 1 0.16% Tagalog/Filipino 1 0.16%
Gujarati 3 0.47% Tamil 13 2.02%
 Hungarian 7 1.09% Thai 4 0.62%
Italian 6 0.93% Tiv 2 0.31%
Japanese 1 0.16% Turkish 4 0.62%
Korean 1 0.16% Urdu 1 0.16%
Krio 2 0.31% Vietnamese 1 0.16%
Kurdish 2 0.31% Yoruba 4 0.62%

Special Educational Needs

 stage numbers %
No Specified SEN 553 93.4
SEN 39 6.6
EHCP 5 0.8
Behaviour, emotional and social 3
Cognition and Learning 17
Communication and Interaction 24
Sensory/Physical 4

Attendance 2016-2017

Total absences 3.7%
Persistent absences 5.6%


Community Breakfast
Comic Relief
Phonics and maths workshops for parents
Family International evening
Christmas fair
Summer Barbeque
Choir and Music performances
Parent reader volunteers – including training for volunteers
Sharing class assemblies with parents and families
NVQ students from CEL and Bromley College
School Council
Charity events in response to local and international events (cake sales, coffee mornings)
Adult education classes run in school
Visits to local fire brigade, local museums
24 club competition between local schools
Work done by Children’s Centre
World Book Day
Children in Need
School Council visited Mayor of Lewisham
Partnership work with local schools
Visits by NSPCC
EYFS Garden Party
Library Visits
Collections for charities including local foodbank
Family support worker

2015-2016 Objectives Reviewed

Equality Objective 1 To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural
development through all appropriate curricular
opportunities, with particular reference to issues
of equality and diversity
  • Embed the ‘Kilmorie Child’ ethos
  • Ensure PHSE curriculum reflects current need and Kilmorie Child Qualities
  • Cross curricular planning includes SMSC
  • Staff training
Expected Outcome SMSC (including equality and diversity) is embedded in cross curricular planning
Kilmorie child qualities are embedded as evidenced by classroom observations
celebration assembly where qualities are used to describe children’s behaviour
and learning.  Every term there are quality cup winners.
The PSHE curriculum was redesigned by the curriculum leader to bring it more
up to date (especially with respect to internet safety and RSE).
Equality Objective 2 To close the gap between disadvantaged pupil at higher levels
How All staff to closely monitor attainment and progress of vulnerable and disadvantaged
pupils and ensure interventions are timelyEarly Intervention
Encourage parents to register children as pupil premium to aid with identification.
Monitor attendance and hold TAC where attendance is consistently below 95%
Involve Learning Mentor to work with parents to improve attendance and punctuality
Offer enrichment activities at a reduced rate for children entitled to pupil premium
Teachers report back about pupil premium progress during termly meetings with SLT – ambitious targets set for all children.Planning
Planning to note pupil premium children
Expected Outcome To see a closing in the gap at higher levels between pupil premium and non-pupil premium children
PP and Non PP continue to achieve in line at expected, however the gap remains at higher levels.  Year 6 combined  in 2017 for PP much improved from the previous year.
Persistent absence remains higher for FSM children, although is not consistently the same children every year.
This objective will no longer be covered in the equality objectives but in the PP action plan and in the school improvement plan.  We will continue to have the objective for closing the gap at higher attainment levels

Equality Objectives 2017

Equality Objective 1 To build girls’ resilience and confidence in maths in order to close the
attainment gap which there appears to be in a number of year groups at the
higher level.
To further explore possible differences in gender achievement
  • Pre learning to boost confidence
  • Teachers to carry out action research (eg hands up survey, girls only maths
    tables) to see what makes a difference
  • Booster classes
  • Focus on reasoning verbally to improve understanding of mathematical concepts
Expected Outcome Target to be set
Girls to achieve in line with boys at higher attainment levels

We plan to carry out an audit using questions adapted from documents available in ‘The Key for School Leaders’ and from this create further objectives based on the outcome of this.

Prejudice related incidents

Records of behaviour incidents show that in 2016/2017 there were 5 reported prejudice related incidents.  There were no exclusions.



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