Sports Funding

What the PE and Sports Funding Grant is:

Since 2013 the government has provided over £150 million of funding for primary schools across the country to spend on Physical Education and sport (this is known as a sport premium) and is calculated according to the number of pupils in years 1-6. Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that we offer. It is therefore expected that this additional funding is used to develop or add to the PE and sport activities that are already being offered and to build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that the improvements made will be beneficial to pupils joining the school in future years. In addition to this we want to ensure we improve the sport being offered across the curriculum and to aid all pupils to cultivate healthy lifestyles.

This funding has been extended for the year 2019-20. This means that Kilmorie will again receive an extra £20,770 to invest in the development of sports and to support the healthy lifestyles of our pupils.

How the grant is used:

Kilmorie Primary school is committed to ensuring that the primary PE and Sports Premium funding is allocated to high quality, sustainable initiatives in line with the 5 key indicators given in the revised guidance from the DfE. The table below shows the breakdown of the funding. Please click on the attachment below to see how this has been further broken down in accordance with the 5 key indicators.

Area of spending Amount spent
Maths of the Day £545
PE planning £395
5-a-day £302.40
Sports leader £99
Cricket development 100
PE lead allocated time £4500
Release time to accompany teams to competitions £4000
Lewisham Sports Coordinator £1200
ALPS £262
On-going resources £4650
Specialist Dance Teacher £4600
Whole School CPD INSET £200
Total £20853.40


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