School Council

What is School Council?

Our School Council is a group of democratically elected pupils who meet regularly to discuss relevant issues to the school and community. There are two children elected from each class who attend the meetings as ‘the voice’ for their class. These students are known as the Class Representatives. Within this group of children in the upper phase there are further elections for the role of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Public Relations Officer (PRO). Each of the electives has their own responsibilities for the running of the meetings and events.

The meetings are split into Upper Phase (run by Kate) and Lower Phase (run by Ashleigh).

Class Representatives

Those students elected as Class Representatives are expected to share the ideas of their classes as well as disseminate the information from the meetings: this might be to their classes, in assemblies or via the School Council information board.

Anyone who has ideas for discussion can speak to their Class Representative, use the suggestion box located by the main office, or via email to

Our achievements for 2018 – 2019

Once again the children who were elected to the School Council did not disappoint. Both groups of children (we have elections both at the beginning of the year and at the February half term in Upper Phase) were innovative, vibrant children who had great ideas and were not afraid to share them. Each team worked on issues that ran throughout the whole year and some that were specific to what was happening within the school at that time. Whatever the subject matter, the children worked extremely hard and showed dedication and commitment throughout.

All members of the council were asked to sign contracts regarding their conduct around the school and all of them represented their classmates and the school really well.

Here are just a few things we got up to…

  • Launched Anti-Bullying week activities (Choose Respect theme) with a presentation to the whole school, encouraging children to take part in Odd Sock Day and raised money for Barnardos. We raised a total of £94.13 for this event.
  • Organised and hosted the KS2 ‘Kilmorie’s Got Talent’ Show. We had members of SLT and school council representatives as part of the judging panel; it was a tough job judging as we have so many talented children in our school, but we managed to find some winners!
  • Promoted recycling throughout the school to expand our current recycling of paper to a variety of resources.
  • Joined the Terra Cycle recycling programme (partnered with Garnier) to collect beauty product donations.
  • Highlighted the importance of healthy eating by creating posters to promote Kilmorie becoming a Sugar Smart school.
  • Class representatives from Years 4, 5 and 6 visited the Civic Suite in Catford to learn more about how the council works and to address issues they felt were important. They used the opportunity to share issues of interest and discuss them with the Young Mayor, councillors and others who work in the council.
  • Carried out questionnaire about the impact of the changes made at lunchtime.
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