Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Elisabeth Stone Head Teacher
Maria Johnson Deputy Head
Emanuela Brahamsha Assistant Head Early Years and Year 1
Lisa Drage Assistant Head Lower Phase
Kate Glasheen Assistant Head Upper Phase
Daisy Moon Arts and Enrichment Leader
Julia Baldwin School Business Manager

Class/Year Group 2019/2020


Jo Bourne Teacher
Will Warrington Teacher
Kath Cooper Nursery Nurse
Tracey Wilkinson Nursery Nurse


Ashleigh Blackwell Teacher
Shula Kenneally Cover Teacher (Thursdays)
Penny Malkin Teaching Assistant


Philippa Badnell Teacher
Gabi Roselli Teaching Assistant


Marcus Bowery Teacher
Katrina Richardson Nursery Nurse

Working Across Early Years

Emanuela Brahamsha Assistant Head Early Years and Year 1
Liz Woodland Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Janet Roberts Teaching Assistant
Sandra Watson Part Time Admin Assistant Early Years and Office

Year 1

Stephanie Blomfield Teacher
Rez Holland Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Sarah Newell Teacher
Kali Croft Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Sophie Prosser Teacher Wednesday-Friday
Leela Garton Teacher Monday to Wednesday

Year 2

Elis Holland Teacher
Carole Christie Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Naomi O’Neill Teacher
Vao Brown Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Heidi Dembele Teacher
Jayne Corp Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Alan Smith Teacher

Year 3

Sarah Casson Teacher
Joanna Clarke Teaching Assistant 1:1 (am)
Petra Schonova Teaching Assistant 1:1 (pm)

Year 3

Martha McEwan Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)
Fiona Moorcroft Teacher (Wednesday-Friday)

Working Across the Lower Phase

Lisa Drage Assistant Head
Megha Barot Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Sarah Corsie Teaching Assistant
Louise Fitzgerald Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Kate McAuliffe Teacher

Year 4

Dominic Smyth Teacher

Year 4

Imogen Nicol Teacher
Jane Catton Teaching Assistant 1:1

Year 5

Maria Andreou Teacher
Petra Schonova Teaching Assistant1:1 (am)
Neyan Mohamad Teaching Assistant 1:1 (pm)

Year 5

Sarah Robinson Teacher
Bethany Tyndall Teaching Assistant 1:1 (am)
Jenny Scott Teaching Assistant 1:1 (pm)

Year 5

Jo Cottee Teacher

Year 6

Conor Gormley Teacher
Shivani Frith Teaching Assistant 1:1
Neyan Mohamad Teaching Assistant 1:1(pm)

Year 6

Shona Samuels Teacher
Alessandra De Stefano Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Shipra Oberoi Bagchi Teacher
Trish Hartnett Teaching Assistant
Lia Boothman Bartley Teaching Assistant 1:1 (am)
Mel Freeman Teaching Assistant 1:1 (pm)

Working Across the Upper Phase

Kate Glasheen Assistant Head Upper Phase
Kay Boothman Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Debbie Pinnock ‘Moore Teaching Assistant Year 4
Simky Musharaf Teaching Assistant Year 4
Sonia Collins Teaching Assistant Year 5
Elaine Johnson Teaching Assistant Year 5
Kinful Abbey Teaching Assistant Year 6 (Wednesdays)


Daisy Moon Arts and Enrichment Leader
Sam McCartney Music Teacher

Non Class Based Staff

Janet Sturley SEND Consultant
Elaine Sharkey Higher Level Teaching Assistant/SEND Support
Nyashia Blackburn PPA Cover Teacher and Interventions
Vicky Chung PPA Cover Teacher and Interventions
Nicola Cann
 Learning Mentor / Pastoral Care

Lunchtime Supervisors

Jane Catton Senior Meals Supervisor
Louise Fitzgerald Senior Meals Supervisor
Sue Catton Meals Supervisor
Joanna Clarke Meals Supervisor

Office Staff

Julia Baldwin School Business Manager
Naz Persaud Office Manager
Jennie Smart Admin Assistant (Tues/Wed/Thur)
Leanne Richards Admin Assistant
Nichola Puddick Admin Assistant
Sandra Watson Part Time Admin Assistant Office and Early Years (Mon-Wed afternoon)

Premises Staff

Gary Hopper Premises Manager
Donalim Duru
Premises Assistant

Wrap Around Care Staff

Louisa Hopper Wrap Around Care Manager
Regeena Sanchez Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Shivani Frith Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Margaret Morris Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Pamela Pisano Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Sue Catton Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Tracey Duru  ASC Play Worker
Julie Durrant  ASC Play Worker
Verona Joseph ASC Play Worker
Maria Linforth ASC Play Worker
Susan Ali ASC Play Worker
Mel Freeman ASC Play Worker
Tanya Rumney ASC Play Worker
Lia Boothman Bartley ASC Play Worker
Marina Pisano ASC Play Worker
Kim Roberts ASC Play Worker
Rose Linehan Breakfast Club Play Worker
Vicky Phipps ASC Play Worker

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