Wrap Around Care


Kilmorie Wrap Around Care

We are delighted to advise that since September 2015, Kilmorie Primary School has been providing a full wrap around care service. This includes a breakfast club, after school care and a holiday play scheme.

Times and Costs

Breakfast Club:


7.45am – 9.00am (Breakfast is served until 0830)


£4.00 per child, per day from 7.45am

After School Care:


3.30pm – 6.30pm (Close)


1st Child: £15 per night / 4 nights £54 / £60 weekly
Sibling(s): £13 per night / 4 nights £46 / £50 weekly

Late Fee

£10.00 per 15 minutes or part of, perchild.  (This is charged if children are not collected by 6.30pm.)


Kilmorie Wrap Around Care Staff

Louise Hopper Wrap Around Care Manager
Pamela Pisano Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Petra Schonova Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Julie Durrant 
 ASC Play Worker
Tracey Duru ASC Play Worker
Sue Catton Breakfast Club Play Worker
Margaret Morris Breakfast Club Play Worker
Shivani Frith Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Rejeena Sanchez Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Verona Joseph 
ASC Play Worker
Susan Ali 
ASCPlay Worker
Tanya Rumney 
ASC Play Worker
Kay Boothman
ASC Play Worker
Jordanne Frith Breakfast and ASC Play Worker
Mel Freeman ASC Play Worker
Maria Linforth
ASC Play Worker
Verona Joseph ASC Play Worker
Susan Ali ASC Play Worker
Tanya Rumney ASC Play Worker
Kay Boothman ASC Play Worker

Wrap Around Care Registration Form

If you would like to secure a wrap around care place for September, please tap the button below.

WAC Registration Form

If you are unsure of any details please ring the office and speak to either:
Julia Baldwin (School Business Manager) or Naz Persaud (Office Manager) on
020 8291 1250.

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