Parents as Partners

At Kilmorie we recognise that parents are children’s first and most enduring educators and we value being partners with them in their child’s education through:

  • Talking to parents about their child before their child starts in our school either through a home visit, or through a meeting at school
  • Offering both parents and children the opportunity to spend time in the Foundation Stage before starting school
  • In the EYFS regularly sharing the children’s ‘Learning Journey’ profile books and valuing the on-going
contributions to these from parents
  • Operating an open door policy for parents with any queries
  • Offering 3 parent/teacher consultation evenings per year which give an opportunity to discuss their work  and ways of supporting their learning
  • Inviting parents to information and curriculum meetings
  • Sending a report on their child’s attainment and progress at the end of the school year.


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