Building networks to raise standards across the arts

Kilmorie School forms part of the Lewisham Creative Arts Hub along with Childeric Primary, Edmund Waller Primary and Forest Hill Secondary school.

The remit of the hub is:

  • to work with schools in the borough to improve the teaching of the arts – Art, Music, Dance and Drama and raise children’s attainment in these subjects
  • build networks of local teachers who are leaders in their fields to support other local teachers
  • be a centre of excellence within Lewisham for the Arts

In our first year 2019/20 we ran a broad range of training courses aimed specifically at teachers lacking confidence in the arts.  Courses are taught by in school specialist teachers, practising artists and specialist educators from local and National Museums.

A selection of our courses can be seen below:

In January 2020, Kilmorie hosted Catherine Spankie, Coordinator for the National Gallery’s Take One Picture project along with her colleague Ed Dickenson to showcase the benefits of running the Take One Picture programme. In this session teachers learned drawing techniques, how to write class poetry inspired by paintings and learned how to encourage children to talk about paintings.

Local artist Zoe Burt ran a Natural Dyes workshop at Edmund Waller School.

Local artist Amber Roper ran a Weaving Workshop at Childeric School.

Our Music colleagues, Anne Rennie, Deputy Head at Childeric School, Daisy Moon, Music and Performing Arts Specialist at Kilmorie and Byron Barrett, Music Lead at Edmund Waller ran Singing to Support Learning Across The Curriculum.

Our programme is constantly developing according to feedback received and the needs of Lewisham teachers.

In year two, 2020-21, we are working with Emily Gopaul, Art Education Specialist and NSEAD registered Primary Art Consultant who runs   Emily is developing training for the Hub for new and existing Art Leads. Since face to face CPD is now not possible, Emily is preparing her training in the form of videos which can be sent to local schools currently looking to benefit from this provision.

The Hub is working with Dance Education and Enrichment Specialist Georgina Perrott who has devised an exciting series of three Dance training workshops for the non-specialist teacher.

In addition, we are collaborating with Trish Scott, Engagement Curator at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art to create some learning resources for teachers around Contemporary Art and Art through

New whole school partnership with community seniors

Community Senior Letters

We are always looking for ways to engage with our community so when the project Community Senior Letters got in touch we were eager to join them. Their project aims to match primary schools to care homes in the same borough to provide human connection during these uncertain times. You can go to their website to find out more.

At Kilmorie we have been assigned a care home and can now send pictures and letters to the residents who may be feeling lonely and need cheering up during these unprecedented times. This will in turn help our children to put their feelings and thoughts into their writing and is an opportunity to use our Kilmorie quality of empathy. We will be writing and drawing these letters in school but the children can also write these from home. Everyone is looking forward to this new partnership!​

Anti-Bullying Week : United Against Bullying

Anti-bullying week runs from Monday 16th November to Friday 20th November.  To start the week, we are encouraging children to wear odd socks on Monday 16th November. Below is a pack for parents and carers produced by the Anti-bullying Alliance.  We want all children to take away from this week knowing who they can speak to if they feel they are being bullied.


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