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Autumn Term 2016

Welcome to gardening at Kilmorie Primary School. We have a wide range of gardens and the children are actively involved in keeping them looking good.

This term in Gardening Club we have been looking after the school gardens.  In the vegetable beds we have planted lettuce, broad beans, garlic and decorated the beds with purple pansies.  We have a courgette plant still producing fruit and in Reception there is an apple tree with beautiful red apples.  We have already harvested carrots this term and have been able to collect herbs from our herb garden.  We collected fennel seeds and have cropped mint, thyme and collected the fragrant flowers from the lavender plant.

Wildlife in Kilmorie Gardens

This year we have seen a wide variety of wildlife in our gardens, the most exciting were the birds nesting in our bird box in the Wild Garden.

Included here are some photos of children with the wildlife.

1. Stag beetle – Each year we usually find stag beetles in our gardens, this a beetle which is a rare beetle but is most often found in south-east England. We have a site of rotting wood created specifically for stag beetle larvae which live in rotting wood for a number of years.


2. Rosemary beetle – The rosemary beetle is a beautiful bug but is also a problem for us in our gardens as it destroys rosemary plants. It likes to eat fragrant plants such as rosemary, lavender, sage and thyme.


3. Ladybirds – Ladybirds are a great favourite in our gardens, children love to see the beautiful red bugs with their black dots. They are also a very useful bug as they eat other small bugs which can harm our plants.


4. Ladybird larvae – This photo shows a ladybird larvae floating on a piece of bark in one of our ponds. The larvae always fascinates children as it look so different from a ladybird, it is black with orange stripes.

5. Snails – There are so many snails in our gardens, one day we collected lots of snails from our vegetable beds and made a snail home in the Wild Garden. These animals are so interesting to children and they love watching the tentacles appear as the snail comes out of its shell.


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