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Summer Term 2019

We held a ‘Stay and Plant day’ at the end of the Spring term. Parents and carers stayed to help in the rain and sunshine and gave generous donations of gardening goodies. We all had a great time and it was lovely to see the children taking pride in making the outdoor area look beautiful. Over the coming months the children will be able to nurture the plants and enjoy watching them flourish.

Our outdoor role-play area will be a Garden Centre inspired by our Stay & Plant day. You are always welcome to drop in for some spontaneous gardening. Two raised beds are going to be built as part of an outside company’s team building day for outside the back of nursery so that we can plants our vegetable seedlings.

They also enjoyed making potions and perfumes for Science week. They used petals, essential oils and then added coloured water and developing their pouring and measuring skills. They enjoyed exploring the large playground noticing spring bulbs in flower, blossom on the tress and bees. We made fruit salad, which was delicious and very popular when it was time to eat it.

We already have some chick eggs to hatch in nursery this term which were kindly donated by Edith’s grandma. We are counting down the days waiting for them to hatch.

We plan to hold a fine motor and mark making Stay and Play which helps to develop early writing skills on the 10th May.

Some of the children have taken an interest in playing ‘cafes’ so we will set up the indoor role-play as a café where children will take food orders, serve pretend food and take payments.

Jo will be taking small groups of children to the Wild garden in the main playground to carry out Forest School learning. This will involve looking for mini beasts, cooking in the mud, and drinking hot chocolate/cold drinks together at base camp.

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Spring Term 2 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to our ‘World Food Celebration day’. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers come and enjoy the wonderful variety of food with the children.

Our new children have settled well and are enjoying making friendships and exploring the Nursery.

The Percy Park Keeper role play area enabled children to act out the stories. Inspired by the story ‘Owl Takes Charge’ the children showed their nurturing side whilst caring for Percy. They also had opportunities to create new homes for the animals when their tree was blown over in ‘After the Storm’.  As well as making toast and hot chocolate and enjoying sheltering from the cold in Percy’s hut.

We have also been creating patterns and artistic arrangements in the sand with natural materials and recording this with photography. Some children made collages using old book covers and cutting pictures out of magazines.

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year by making money envelopes, Spring cleaning and making and eating vegetable noodles. Leo brought in a beautiful dress and lantern to celebrate the year of the pig.

We had a very exciting visitor last term. Charlotte’s dad is a post man and he came to see us in his uniform and brought us a special delivery, showed us Jess the cat and read us the story of “The Jolly Postman”. This spurred a lot of amazing writing from the children. If there are any parent/carers who would like to come and share their professions, skills that would inspire the children please talk to the nursery staff. This could be a cleaner, architect, artist, hairdresser or dentist for example.

This term we will be exploring favourite bedtime stories during the week beginning 4th March culminating in a whole school celebration of World Book Day on Thursday 7th March in which children and staff are invited to wear pyjamas, bring a soft toy and share their favourite bedtime books! We would like parents/carers to stay to help make ‘Story Boxes’ and retell stories with the children. If there is anyone who would be interested in reading or telling a story in their own language or from their own cultural background, please let the staff know.

The main role-play area will be a barbers/hairdresser as some of the children have taken an interest in styling each other’s hair! If you have anything that might help to stock the area such as old hairdryers/ showerheads, empty shampoo bottles and/ or new hair bands please feel free to donate them.

We will be planting seeds and ‘chitting’ potatoes, setting up a medical centre and reading traditional stories this half term.

We have  also been introducing ‘Helicopter Stories’ one day a week which involves the children telling oral stories which the adult writes down and a group of children help to act out later. As children develop their oral skills and imaginary play they need to be able to make up and retell stories. This will help them to prepare them to become confident writers in the future.

Please try to ensure that your children do not bring toys in to nursery as there are plenty here already. We understand that the two years old and recent starters may need a comforter, however this needs to be limited to one toy and we would like them to begin to start leaving them at home as they have settled so well. Could full time children please ensure they have a bag of spare clothes on their pegs as the weather warms up and they are enjoying water play.

Gardening Stay and play

We would like to develop our outdoor area and are planning a gardening afternoon and morning at the beginning of April. We welcome any input and ideas from parents/carers and donations of containers, soil, seeds and plants.

Spring Term 1 2019

We are welcoming new children to the nursery this term and would like to thank their parents and carers for making us feel so welcome during home visits. It was lovely to see them relaxed and playing with their toys at home.

The role-play area outside has been set up as a “Percy the Park Keeper” hut which has been extremely popular and has allowed children to act out the story of “One Snowy Night” using puppets and props. Children are learning to re-tell the story which helps to develop their communication and language skills. Here is a link to The Book People if you would like to purchase copies of the books by Nick Butterworth that we have been reading in Nursery.

There will be a World Food celebration of our diverse community for which we are asking parents and carers to bring in a favourite dish from their own culture to share with everyone to mark the end of the first half term on Thursday the 14th February. Morning session 8.45am until 10.00am and/or afternoon is 12.30pm until 1.45pm. We are encouraging as many parents and carers as possible to stay and spend time with their child whilst they enjoy this special occasion and it will be a lovely opportunity to mingle with other parents and carers.  PLEASE remember we are a nut free school.

Volunteers needed…

…to cook with the children on a Thursday. The children love having their parents and carers in to help and share their different family meals. Please speak to one of the staff if you think you can help.

Cooking and Playdough

It’s time to ask for a voluntary contribution of .50pence per week to help us fund the copious amounts of flour and salt we use and the extremely popular cooking sessions on a Thursday.

Book Bags

These only need to come to school when you want to change a book with your child at the beginning of their session. We have limited space to store the bags during the session.

Junk Modelling

We are planning an exciting art project using recycled and found objects. Please bring in any junk modelling and large boxes used wrapping paper and greetings cards that you have. Torn books that are beyond repair would also be helpful.

Reading drop in….

Friday is our day for staying to read with your child in nursery, please feel free to join us at the beginning of the session. Speak to staff for alternatives if you are always unavailable on this day.

Autumn Term 2018

In the Autumn term the children will be becoming familiar with the boundaries and expectations of the setting. We will be helping your children feel confident to access resources and try new and challenging things.  We plan and set out learning opportunities based on the children’s interests and we would appreciate your input and ideas.

The children have been interested in a decoration tree on which they add different resources during the week such as soft toy monkeys, leaves, tinsel or wild animals. This has developed into making presents to go around the tree.

Outside the children have enjoyed fixing and washing the cars, going on adventures catching baddies, pretending to be kittens and making sandcastles.

Whilst believing that children learn best by taking account of their current interests, we ensure that we cover all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum, both inside and out, every day. Staff support and extend children in their self-motivated play. Staff observe, extend play and record progress.

Number ‘stay and play’

Friday 12th October 8.45-9.30am and/or 12.30-1.00pm

Come and spend some time with your child having fun with numbers!

Sing 5 little monkeys swinging in the tree, make appointments in the doctor’s surgery or print with number & shape.


Our trip to the Albany Theatre in Deptford to see Pinocchio is on Tuesday 4th December 2018 at 10.30am and is part of the whole school Christmas Fayre focus on the story. The nursery will be closed and every child will need a parent/carer to accompany them. It will be a lovely opportunity to enjoy this traditional story together.


Volunteers are needed to cook with the children on a Thursday. The children love having their parents and carers in to help and to share their different family meals. Please speak to one of the staff if you think you can help. We have had amazing fluffy blueberry pancakes and vegetable pasta cooked by two mums already this half term.


We have a ‘wow’ board in the main cloakroom which you are very welcome to use to celebrate your child’s achievements such as brushing their teeth themselves, being kind to a friend or trying new foods. Please feel free to help your child choose a ‘wow’ character, make a comment and add to the display.

Weekly Parent/Carer Reading

Fridays 8.45-9.30am and 12.30-1.00pm

Come and spend some time with your child having fun reading old and new favourite books.

Class toy

We like to send our class toy home with a different child each week. This is a very popular treat and causes great excitement. The toy will be given out on a Friday so that it can spend the weekend with your child. Please record some of the things you did in the book and return the toy on Monday so that your child can share what they did with the class.

Our Learning Ethos

We strongly believe that you, at home and we, at school, are laying the foundations of all future learning. With this in mind we plan carefully to promote the characteristics of learning set out in the Early Years curriculum and to develop the qualities of ‘The Kilmorie Child’, which are encouraged throughout the school by all staff.  These characteristics of learning are being respectful, independent, innovative, empathetic and curious learners who can collaborate and cooperate.

Whilst believing that children learn best by taking account of their current interests, we ensure that we cover all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum, both inside and out, every day. Staff support and extend children in their self-motivated play. Staff observe, extend play and record progress.

The Nursery Sessions

In the morning the Nursery door will be open from 8.45 until 9.00am. If you have an older sibling at the school we would suggest you drop off your Nursery child first, once settled. The afternoon session begins at 12.30.

Each day we will be opening the door to end the session at 11.35am and at 3.20pm to allow parents time to collect older siblings. Thank you all for being very prompt at drop off and collection times. However, if you are unavoidably late, please call the school so we can reassure your child. It is likely they will be taken across to wait in the office.


  • Please make sure that your child wears sensible, easy to get on and off shoes and clothes to Nursery.  Remember they are likely to get dirty so please don’t send them in special clothes.
  • Please send your child in with appropriate outer wear as we go outside in all weathers.
  • Please make sure that your child’s clothes are labelled so that if they get lost we know whom they belong to. Bring a spare set of clothes for your child whilst they’re settling.
  • Please change your child’s book at the beginning of their session either on a daily, weekly basis or according to your child’s interest
  • If your child is going home with someone else, please let a member of staff know. If you forget, please make sure that you phone the school to let us know.
  • Please let us know immediately if anyone in the family has chicken pox, measles or other viral illness
  • If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please keep them at home for at least 48 hours afterwards.
  • If you have any questions/concerns please come and speak to one of us at the first opportunity.


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