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Spring Term 2 2020

After spending last half term travelling through the Stone Age, we are moving on to find out what life was like in the Bronze and Iron Age.  How did life change during this period?  Why was iron so important?  Who were the Celts?


In class we have been researching, designing and making soup and will be writing a piece of informative text to tell others how to make our recipes. We will also be making adverts to promote our creations!

Our plant experiment to find out if a cyclamen will die without leaves is under way, and we are observing the plants closely to see what happens.

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Alan, Sarah, Martha and Fiona

Martha and Fiona’s Class Local Area Survey

Spring Term 1 2020

This Spring we will be investigating the significant changes in Britain from the Stone Age through to the Bronze and Iron Age. When was the Stone Age? How long did it last for? Why is it called the Stone Age?

Term begins with a visit to Crystal Palace park to attend a Stone Age to Iron Age workshop.  Each class will have an immersive day imagining they are hunter-gatherers 20,000 years ago and finding out how to build shelters, start fires and make stone-age artefacts.

Our class texts will be: Stone Age Boy and Stone Age Bone Age These will help us consider the similarities and differences between the past and the present. We will also be learning about plants and investigating their different requirements for successful growth.



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