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Autumn Term 2017

Welcome back!  We hope you are ready for the rest of the autumn term!  We have an exciting half term with lots of learning! Our topic for this half term is Arabian Nights.  We will be exploring Early Islam civilisation and examining how and why it developed into such a major world power.

 What do you know about Islam?  Perhaps you could come into school with some facts you can share with the class!

Our class text is Arabian Nights by Wafa Tarnowska.  The book holds eight stories from A Thousand and One Nights, including Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.  The book is framed around the stories told by Shahrazade to Shahriyar.




In Science we will be continuing our investigation into forces, including air and water resistance, pulleys, gears and levers.  Find some everyday objects in your home or classroom which use gears, pulleys or levers.  You might be surprised.




In art, we will be exploring Islamic art and the geometric designs which are a common feature.  We will also be using our computing skills to create our designs.




We will be moving on to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in our maths.  We will explore different methods to help consolidate our use of the four operations.  Reasoning and problem solving will help us along our way!





Et enfin…

This term we will be learning to introduce ourselves and talk about our interests.

J’aime découvrir de nouvelles choses!



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Bug Club

Please click on the link below to access The Bug Club website.

This is the online reading scheme which allows your child access to hundreds of books at the click of a button. Your child can read them with you or when older & more confident, independently. Each book contains comprehension questions to boost reading skills. Points collected for completing the questions correctly can be used to play games. All of the books can be read to your child by the computer too.

Logins & passwords are held by your child’s teacher and have been sent home in a letter. Please encourage your child to access the website as often as possible.

If you have any problems with access at home, there is a trouble shooting guide held by Jennie on the school Reception desk.



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