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Spring Term 2 2019

Our new topic for Spring 2 is A River Runs Through It. We will be learning all about the geography of rivers – how they are formed, why they are important, what creatures live in them, and more. In March we will visit Deptford Creek to take part in a real river walk – prepare to get wet!

Our English will link to the Rivers topic too. We will study the book River Story by Meredith Hooper, winner of the English Association’s Non-Fiction Award, a beautifully illustrated account of a river’s journey (although don’t worry – we will finish reading the fabulous Cosmic too). We will start by writing free verse poetry about the journey of a river, and later will write our own autobiographies to tell the journey of our lives so far.

Our Maths learning will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. Don’t forget how important it is to learn your times tables facts – this is vital in all areas of Maths and can really slow you down if you don’t know them! Remember to practise regularly at home on Times Tables Rock Stars. All children have their own login details which were sent home at the beginning of the term. Please ask your teacher if you need these details again.

In Art, we will be studying the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Most famous for his woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Hokusai also produced prints of various other natural scenes including waterfalls, flowers and birds. We will be looking closely at the use of texture in his work and creating our own waterfall pictures.

Our new Science topic is Properties and Changes of Materials. We are bursting with ideas for hands-on investigations exploring dissolving, filtering, evaporating, melting, burning and even creating new materials. We hope you are ready to bring your best scientific thinking for these challenges!

In outdoor PE we will continue to work on our hockey skills: dribbling, passing, tackling, aiming and shooting. In indoor PE we will be looking at Multiskills with our main focus being agility and coordination. We will also be running the daily mile!

Our PSHE lessons will be focusing on puberty and its affects on the body.

In French we will be learning more about hobbies, sports, months of the year and revision of number 0-50. In RE this half term we will continue learning about Buddhism. And last but not least, we will be blogging about various aspects of our learning using Edublogs as part of the Computing curriculum.

Links to web sites to support your learning at home

For a Maths challenge:

To test your tables:

Lots of grammar games:

Read all about different types of poetry and poetic techniques:

For extending your French learning:

Information about rivers:


Please click on the link below to access The Bug Club website.


This is the online reading scheme which allows your child access to hundreds of books at the click of a button. Your child can read them with you or when older & more confident, independently. Each book contains comprehension questions to boost reading skills. Points collected for completing the questions correctly can be used to play games. All of the books can be read to your child by the computer too.

Logins & passwords are held by your child’s teacher and have been sent home in a letter. Please encourage your child to access the website as often as possible.

Stephanie, Dominic and Nora

Spring Term 1 2019

Welcome back!  We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and are ready for all the new learning in the Spring Term.  Our topic for this half term is Space: The Final Frontier.  We will be exploring day and night, how shadows change, and how ideas about our solar system have developed over time. What do you know about space?  Perhaps you could come into school with some facts you can share with the class!

Our class text is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  This humorous adventure is seen through the eyes of twelve year old Liam Digby, a ‘gifted and talented’ child whose physical appearance ages him beyond his years. Follow Liam and his friend Florida Kirby on this humorous, action packed adventure exploring the ups and downs of being a parent and the consequences of a ‘little white lie’. We will be writing persuasive texts and playscripts this half term.

In Science we will be learning to understand and describe how the earth, the moon and the other planets move relative to the Sun in our solar system. We will think about how day and night occur and how the sun appears to move across the sky. (Does it really? Can you find out?)

In art, we will be studying the American graphic artist Peter Thorpe. Take a look at his rocket paintings HERE

We will be perfecting our multiplication and division skills in Maths, and exploring different methods for these operations. We will then apply this learning in area, perimeter, fractions, decimals and percentages.

Our Geography learning will be looking at weather and climate zones, including comparing our home town of London with the Gobi Desert (linked with English – Cosmic) time zones (linked with science – Earth and Space). Our RE learning will be about understanding Buddhist worship and beliefs, and in Computing we will use Edublogs to blog about our learning across the curriculum – so watch this space for links.

Et enfin…

In French this term we will be learning to talk about our likes and dislikes, clothing, modes of transport and numbers up to 31.

J’aime découvrir de nouvelles choses!

Links to web sites to support your learning at home:


Autumn Term 2 2018

Welcome back!  We hope you are ready for the rest of the autumn term!  We have an exciting half term with lots of learning! Our topic for this half term is Arabian Nights.  We will be exploring Early Islam civilisation and examining how and why it developed into such a major world power.

What do you know about Islam?  Perhaps you could come into school with some facts you can share with the class!

Our class text is Arabian Nights by Wafa Tarnowska.  The book holds eight stories from A Thousand and One Nights, including Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.  The book is framed around the stories told by Shahrazade to Shahriyar.




In Science we will be continuing our investigation into forces, including air and water resistance, pulleys, gears and levers.  Find some everyday objects in your home or classroom which use gears, pulleys or levers.  You might be surprised.




In art, we will be exploring Islamic art and the geometric designs which are a common feature.  We will also be using our computing skills to create our designs.




We will be moving on to statistics, perimeter and area in our maths.  Reasoning and problem solving will help us along our way!







Et enfin…

This term, we will be learning to introduce ourselves and talk about our interests.

J’aime découvrir de nouvelles choses!



Links to web sites to support your learning at home:


Please help your child to remember to bring the correct kit to school on the following days:

Dominic’s Class:  Indoor PE – Fridays,    Outdoor PE – Tuesdays

Nora’s Class: Indoor PE – Wednesdays,    Outdoor PE – Mondays

Stephanie’s Class: Indoor PE – Mondays,      Outdoor PE – Wednesdays

For indoor PE, Dominic’s and Stephanie’s classes will be doing Leadership. Nora’s class will be doing Dance with an external coach. All classes will be doing netball for outdoor PE.

KIT REQUIRED:  Indoor PE – shorts or leggings, T-shirt.  Outdoor PE – jogging bottoms, T-shirt, long-sleeved top (in colder weather), trainers or plimsolls.

As the children are not allowed to wear jewellery during PE, we would ask that they do not wear jewellery to school on those days. Please ensure all long hair is tied back for health and safety reasons. We will assume that the children are able to join in PE activities unless we have a letter to the contrary.


Your child should be completing their homework each week. It is sent out either on Thursday or Friday, and should be returned by the following Tuesday. This work is planned to secure and develop your child’s knowledge and understanding, and is therefore extremely important.

Dominic, Nora and Stephanie

Autumn Term 1 2018

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are well rested and looking forward to what we are sure will be a fantastic year!  We are beginning with an exciting topic of Crime and Punishment.  This is a focus on a theme of British history to extend children’s knowledge beyond 1066.   We will be learning how crime and punishment has evolved throughout the years.  How do you think crime and punishment might have changed over the centuries?


Our class text is The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  The story tells of the highwayman’s visit to see the beautiful Bess at the old inn, and of the terrible fate they both meet with a mysterious ending.

We will be exploring the powerful language used and the scenes that it evokes.  We will also be using Charles Keeping’s illustrations as inspiration for our own art.

Perhaps you can find out about highwaymen and where they used to roam.


In maths we will be deepening our understanding of place value, looking at number sequences and exploring a range of written and mental methods of calculation.

If you would like to play some fun mathematical games, related to these topics or undertake some investigations then visit these links:


In science, we will be investigating the forces around us.  We will be taking a very ‘hands on’ approach to science as we explore and learn about forces in the world around us. We will explore gravity, air and water resistance, friction and a range of mechanisms that allow a small force to have a great effect.


In Computing we will be revisiting e-safety and cyber-bullying, looking at how to keep safe on the Internet. We will also be focusing on how to use search engines effectively. We will be designing and building balloon buggies for our Design and Technology project, considering the effects of friction and how energy is transferred. In French Year 5 will be finding out about the shops on the French high street and learning their different names.  We will also be using, asking for, and giving, directions. In RE we will explore Christianity and its history in Britain as well as learning about Jesus’ disciples and friends.


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