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Welcome to Year 6!


Remote Learning

In the event of school closure or children having to self-isolate we will be using online platforms to deliver home learning.  Guidance documents can be downloaded here:

Secondary Transfer Presentation

download here:

School Journey


What a difference a day makes!
Today was amazing! The sun was shining and we had so much fun. All of us did kayaking (I think the teachers really enjoyed chilling out in a canoe on a lake in the sun – possibly a little too much). As well as kayaking we got to build rafts and were even able to try it out on the lake. Needless to say there were some very wet children at the end of their sessions.
The food was another big hit – carb loading being the expression that springs to mind.
In the evening we had a camp fire, where we sang songs, did a talent show and saw masses of stars.

A great day was had by all.


What a wet day!

It seems the rain caught up with us and we spent a lot of time soggy. It didn’t damped our spirits though and we did some brilliant activities including multi vines and archery.

We’ve filled up on loads of delicious food, but a real winner was the veggie burger/hot dog and chips followed by yum yums or donuts for dinner.

The evening was finished off with a film night. A great night’s sleep was had by all, ready for a fresh day of fun and frolics.


We’ve arrived! (And thankfully the sun was shining – we’d left the rain in London.

Our first meal was a winner. We had a choice of pasta bolognaise, chicken tikka and rice or a tasty full-of-veg option. Oreo cake for pudding was a big hit too.

The various groups had different activities including laser maze and abseiling when we arrived. We then got together for a giant game of Cluedo and discovered the murder was Chris Carrot who even admitted to eating her own carrot baby!!

The night was a good one, not too many tears but plenty of chatting.

We’re looking forward to a fun-filled full day ahead today.

Look out for the postcards in the post.

Autumn 1 2021

Welcome back to Kilmorie for Year 6!

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are well rested and ready to get stuck into the fantastic learning we have planned for you.
We are sure it will be the best year yet!


ClassIndoor PEOutdoor PE
Martha & NoraThursdayWednesday
Indoor PE: shorts or jogging bottoms; T-shirt.
Outdoor PE kit: tracksuit trousers; T-shirt; trainers or plimsolls.
As the children are not allowed to wear jewellery during PE, we would ask that they do not wear jewellery to school on those days. Please ensure all long hair is tied back for health and safety reasons. We will assume that the children are able to join in PE activities unless we have a letter stating otherwise.

For the autumn term, Jo’s Class will be learning dance with an external coach. (The other classes will do this later in the year).


The three Year 6 classes will attend Forest School on a rotation (once every 3 weeks). This will happen on a Thursday, a separate letter will be sent with details. Children will need to wear suitable clothing for all types of weather, including a waterproof jacket and wellies.

Please help your child to remember their outdoor boots and warm, waterproof clothes when it is their turn.


to JCA Condover Hall will take place in the week of 27th September-1st October. Please keep an eye out for further information over the coming weeks. Don’t worry if your child is not going to JCA – we will be planning some fun activities for those remaining at school too.


Home learning will be given out on Thursday to be returned the following Tuesday. Please encourage your child to look over their home learning on Thursday, so their teacher can answer any questions on Friday.

Thank you in advance for your continued commitment to this aspect of your child’s learning.

Our first topic for Year 6 is Extreme Earth!

For the autumn term, Jo’s Class will be learning dance with an external coach. (The other classes will do this later in the year).

Our topic is EXTREME EARTH! This half term we will be looking at the impact of climate change on the world and exploring how we can intervene and live a more sustainable lifestyle.  As part of the topic, we will look at natural disasters around the world including volcanoes and earthquakes.

Climate change

Our English learning links to the Extreme Earth topic as we will be studying the book Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick, the tale of a girl living in a near-future Britain which is covered with water. This award-winning book will be the basis for our main writing focuses this half term: diary entries and narrative writing.


Please remember to read at home every day! We love to hear what books you have enjoyed and to share recommendations.

Link to Talk for Writing English Booklet for children who are isolating

Our Maths focus for this half term will be number and calculation. We will be revisiting place value, rounding, using the four operations and plenty of mental maths.

As always, times tables are key for all areas of maths, so if yours need brushing up on, go to one of the following sites:

TT Rockstars


Links for children who are isolating.

Please use Autumn Week 1 to Week 7 on White Rose to make sure you are covering the relevant topics. There is also a link to the Oak Academy maths website on place value:

White Rose Maths

Oak Academy

In Science we will be looking at classification in the animal kingdom. We will be looking at different species of animals and how they have adapted to their environment.

In RE, we will look at rules and responsibilities and ideas of right and wrong in religious belief.

The Internet is a great place to learn and develop rewarding relationships, but with this comes great responsibility. In Computing we will explore how to stay safe on the internet and the consequences of revealing private information to a person you know only online.

Forest School

What happens at Forest School?

Forest School

Forest School focuses on developing personal, social and emotional life skills through learner-led, nature-based learning. Please help your child to remember their outdoor boots/old trainers and warm, waterproof clothes when it is their turn.

Forest School takes place in a site near the Elm Lane playing fields. If you are interested in visiting the site, have a look at Wildcat Wilderness’ webpage for upcoming events:


French will focus on learning vocabulary for dates and weather conditions and revisiting previously learned material after the summer break.


In indoor PE, we will have fitness sessions to develop flexibility, strength and stamina. In outdoor PE, we will be learning skills in volleyball and playing competitive games using principles of attack and defence.

Here are some ideas linked to our foundation learning for any children self isolating:

Here are some ideas linked to our foundation learning for any children self isolating:
Create a ‘Danger! Extreme Weather!’ information leaflet or poster that tells people what to do to stay safe.
Include a list of ways that we can help people who are involved in extreme situations.
Design, draw and label the ultimate umbrella (or another super weather object!) What features would it have? What would it look like? Why would it be better than any other?
Research the role of emergency aid workers responding to natural disasters around the world. You could display your findings in a poster or a PowerPoint.
Research and carry out an Extreme Earth experiment: this could be an exploding volcano, a ‘tornado in a jar’, or making it rain. There are lots of ideas here:
Record your experiment with a video, photos or a labelled diagram.

Create a Powerpoint presentation on how people use sources of power in their homes, school or in their work. Talk about how we can reduce or save our use of energy resources. Can you include some examples of renewable energy resources? Create a piece of art inspired by extreme Earth. This could be a drawing, painting, or maybe something 3D!
Research and carry out an Extreme Earth experiment: this could be an exploding volcano, a ‘tornado in a jar’, or making it rain. There are lots of ideas here:
Record your experiment with a video, photos or a labelled diagram.


Links to web sites to support your learning at home

Loads of resources to help with writing:

Lots of games to help with spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) on this website:

Recommended websites for finding interesting books to read:

General Maths games on lots of topics:

For a Maths challenge:

For extending your French learning:

Some useful information about our Science topic, ‘Living Things and their Habitats – Classification’:

And finally, lots of links to information about our Extreme Earth topic:

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