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Glorious Gardens

The gardens at Kilmorie School have been blooming this Spring, we have had a lovely display of tulips and daffodils. On Saturday 1st April we had our first Gardening Day of the year, it was a great success with many parents and children coming to help. A massive thank you to everyone who came, lots of hard work took place, weeding, mulching, fence repairing and pruning.


In the Spring term there were gardening lessons for Year 4 and Year 5, the children learnt about the plants in our gardens and had a fantastic time bug hunting in our Wild Garden. We found worms, woodlice, centipedes, spiders, snails and slugs. The children planted a variety of seeds which they have been growing in their classrooms, some of these have now been moved to the main hall by the windows. Once these are bigger they will be planted in our vegetable beds.

This Summer term Year 2 have started gardening, so far they have planted beetroot, radish, chard and broad beans in their own gardening area at the back of their classrooms. In the main playground in our vegetable beds we currently have broad beans growing which the children will soon enjoy eating. One bed has also been taken over by Kilmorie Wrap Around Care who are planning to grow a range of vegetables. In the new allotment area created by Year 1 they are already ready to crop radishes and their broad beans are growing well in their planters.

The plan is to get as many children as possible at Kilmorie School growing and eating their own vegetables so that they can learn how easy it is to grow vegetables and how tasty they can be.


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