Condover Hall – What a week!

Can’t believe we’ve got to the last morning. The week has gone really quickly but has been so jam packed. Yesterday there were loads of activities again ranging from Gladiator Wall to Initiative Exercises, from abseiling to archery!

The day was finished off with the disco. We got to try the moves we had learnt in Dance Mania and really wowed the instructors with our own cool dancing. A few of us who didn’t like the noise found a room full of board games so we played a touch of Connect 4 and even tested our spelling in Scrabble.

By the night time we were pretty exhausted so did a quick pack up of our belongings (apart from what we needed for our last activity) and went to sleep. We are looking forward to coming home after a really fun week.

Think there might be a few snores heard on the coach on the way home!!

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