Physic Garden

We’ve won Gold for our Gardens!

Kilmorie School was entered for the Summer Competition run by the London Children’s Flower Society and we are extremely proud to report we have been given a Gold Certificate!!

London Children’s Flower Society Award 2021




Year 3 grew sunflowers from seed, they battled wind, rain and snails to produce a lovely crop of sunflowers.






In Year 4 the children grew plants from seed in their classrooms, Kate’s class grew tomato plants, Dominic’s class grew beans and Shipra’s class grew courgettes. They all did a great job and enjoyed seeing the growth happen so quickly in their lovely warm classrooms.






Year 5 have a gardening group CAP (Care About Plants) which they created and they grew beetroot, carrots, lettuce, radish and spinach. All the children won Silver for their plants.





The judge looked at all our garden areas, the Year 1 Wildlife Gardens, the Reading Garden, the Time Garden, the Wild Garden, the Physic Garden, the Veg Beds and all the plants we have which we use to teach the children.

The plants are used for learning so many things, how plants grow, how plants become food, how to identify trees, they see wildlife, learn to build dens and so much more and we won Gold for our School Grounds.

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