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Pebble Drawing

We have been thinking about ‘shape’ and ‘form’ in our drawing of a pebble. We spent a lot of time making sure that the shape of our pebble was accurate […]

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Are you a future diver?

This week children from Year 2 – Year 6 were tested on their potential to be future divers for Team GB. A member of Crystal Palace Diving Club visited the […]

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Year 3 Roman Slaves

Role-playing as Roman slaves:  Before taking on the role of a Roman slave, each child was given a Roman name. They worked in groups to complete various chores, e.g. washing […]

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Roman Feast 1

A Roman Feast

The children enjoyed a Roman feast, served by Roman slaves in the Italian sunshine.  Luckily, we did’nt have anyone that was too full and had to make themselves sick.  There […]

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Chess Champions

Congratulations to Robert, Eddie, Lenny, Torin, Ellis, Stanley, Alvar and Eric who competed on behalf of Kilmorie at the Primary Chess Champions’ League in Kent.

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Conducting Music

Y3 and 4 were visited by the Thorne Trio, a professional chamber music group.  We learnt all about the bassoon, clarinet and oboe.  Eddie did some conducting!

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Looking for Maths Patterns

In Maths, the children have been investigating what happens when numbers are multiplied by 10 and looking for patterns. They were given the challenge: ‘When we multiply a digit by […]

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