School Council

What is School Council?

Our School Council is a group of democratically elected pupils who meet regularly to discuss relevant issues to the school and community. There are two children elected from each class who attend the meetings as ‘the voice’ for their class. These students are known as the Class Representatives. Within this group of children in the upper phase there are further elections for the role of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Public Relations Officer (PRO). Each of the electives has their own responsibilities for the running of the meetings and events.

The meetings are split into Upper Phase (run by Sarah) and Lower Phase (run by Fiona).

Class Representatives

Those students elected as Class Representatives are expected to share the ideas of their classes as well as disseminate the information from the meetings: this might be to their classes, in assemblies or via the School Council information board.

Anyone who has ideas for discussion can speak to their Class Representative, use the suggestion box located by the main office, or via email to

Our achievements for 2020 – 2021

Due to the restrictions about bubble mixing during the academic year 2020-2021, we were not able to hold any school council meetings. We have masses of ideas of things we would like to get going with and can’t wait to do this in the academic year 2021-2022.

Our achievements for 2019 – 2020

Unfortunately, due to the national lockdown in March, our achievements were limited. As we are a Sugar Smart school we looked at issues around healthy eating. We then delivered an assembly to our peers to assist them with making healthy food choices. We were involved in the organisation of fund raising for the NSPCC. We continued with our fundraising at the Christmas Fair where we made and ran our own game. We were just making plans for the Upper Phase Talent Show when the school year was halted.

In the summer term we were planning to undertake a project that would involve us more in the local community. The children would have planned this.

We had a group of Year 6 children who set up and ran (with some adult support) an Eco Club. They did a fantastic job of fundraising by organising a cake sale. They were preparing to organise a seed sale. Once we are able to hold these type of events again we still have the seeds to sell. These children have now moved on to secondary school but their efforts will be remembered. The money that they raised is going towards planting trees on Elsinore Road. Providing a benefit for the local community.

When we are able to safely restart with School Council we intend to follow on from the work done by the Eco Club. We are going to carry out a review of how sustainable we are as a school and look at how to improve this. We will then be aiming to achieve an Eco School Bronze Award.

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