School Times


The School Day

To ensure everyone’s safety the following times that year groups arrive and leave each day will apply:

  • Gates open at 8:40 all children stay in the playground until one of the two bells
  • 8:50 bell years 4-6 who will make their way to their classrooms
  • 8:55 bell years 2&3 will line up as they currently do and year1 classroom doors will open.
  • Playground gates will close at 9am.

Year Group

Start Time

Play Time

Lunch Time

Finish Time

Nursery AM

Nursery PM

Nursery All Day








Year 18.5510.55-11.1012.00-13.0015.30
Year 28.5510.25-10.4012.00-13.0015.30
Year 38.5510.25-10.4012.30-13.3015.30
Year 48.5010.25-10.4012.30-13.3015.30
Year 58.5010.25-10.4012.30-13.3015.30
Year 68.5010.25-10.4012.30-13.3015.30

The school day starts and ends promptly.

Office Times

The office is staffed daily from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm.  Our phone line is open until 4.30pm.


Children are expected to attend school every day unless they are unwell. If your child is absent please let the office know as soon as possible. An absence where no reason is given will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’ in the register, as will most absences other than illness. School holidays taken during term time will always be unauthorised.

If you are going to be late collecting your child for whatever reason, please notify the office as early as possible, so we can pass on the message to your child’s teacher.

Please make sure you provide up-to-date contact details to the Office so we can reach you easily in an emergency and let us know straight away if there is a change.

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