Building networks to raise standards across the arts

Kilmorie School forms part of the Lewisham Creative Arts Hub along with Childeric Primary, Edmund Waller Primary and Forest Hill Secondary school.

The remit of the hub is:

  • to work with schools in the borough to improve the teaching of the arts – Art, Music, Dance and Drama and raise children’s attainment in these subjects
  • build networks of local teachers who are leaders in their fields to support other local teachers
  • be a centre of excellence within Lewisham for the Arts

In our first year 2019/20 we ran a broad range of training courses aimed specifically at teachers lacking confidence in the arts.  Courses are taught by in school specialist teachers, practising artists and specialist educators from local and National Museums.

A selection of our courses can be seen below:

In January 2020, Kilmorie hosted Catherine Spankie, Coordinator for the National Gallery’s Take One Picture project along with her colleague Ed Dickenson to showcase the benefits of running the Take One Picture programme. In this session teachers learned drawing techniques, how to write class poetry inspired by paintings and learned how to encourage children to talk about paintings.

Local artist Zoe Burt ran a Natural Dyes workshop at Edmund Waller School.

Local artist Amber Roper ran a Weaving Workshop at Childeric School.

Our Music colleagues, Anne Rennie, Deputy Head at Childeric School, Daisy Moon, Music and Performing Arts Specialist at Kilmorie and Byron Barrett, Music Lead at Edmund Waller ran Singing to Support Learning Across The Curriculum.

Our programme is constantly developing according to feedback received and the needs of Lewisham teachers.

In year two, 2020-21, our focus shifted to represent global issues and included:

  • exploring a diverse range of artists which reflect our Lewisham community
  • introducing abstract and conceptual art into our curriculum
  • thinking about ways we could be more inclusive practitioners

We worked with Emily Gopaul, Art Education Specialist and NSEAD registered Primary Art Consultant who runs In addition, Emily led during lockdown and beyond, the Tate Hear My Story project.  Emily developed training for the Hub for new and existing Art Leads which, due to Covid, was delivered in video form.

The Hub is working with Dance Education and Enrichment Specialist Georgina Perrott who devised an exciting series of three Dance training workshops for the non-specialist teachers delivered live online.

This year, as we return to normality, we are running the Art Lead training sessions for new Art Leads in person.

We have developed a working partnership with the Education Team at Dulwich Picture Gallery who are leading training sessions based on Visual Thinking Skills which can be applied across the curriculum.  These skills help the non-specialist teacher to introduce and talk about contemporary and conceptual art with children.  The Hub is also running Teacher Networking sessions at the Gallery. In addition, we are taking part in Dulwich Picture Gallery’s pilot project – Together Through Art – which is aimed at children suffering with mental health issues.

We have developed a working partnership with Trish Scott, Engagement Curator at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art  who developed Hub training sessions based on the contemporary and conceptual artists Mohammed Bourouissa and Eugenio Dittborn which are helping Lewisham schools to develop their work around diversifying and decolonising the art curriculum.

Georgina Perrott, our Dance and Enrichment Specialist, is designing a Dance project on the theme of Migration which is aligned to Lewisham’s Borough of Culture programme. It will include lesson plans and teaching videos and will be disseminated to Lewisham Primary schools. This will further our work in:

  • celebrating diversity within our community
  • acknowledging the emotional and logistical sides of migration
  • promoting & improving the accessibility of cultural capital for young people
  • empowering teachers in primary education to deliver high quality dance and creative workshops

School Summer Exhibition Partnership with Jadé Fadojutimi

Jadé Fadojutimi

In Summer 2021 we focussed on the abstract art of Jadé Fadojutimi for our summer art project. Jadé was chosen as she is a young, black, London based, contemporary artist whose work – completely abstract – allowed for our children to freely express themselves through their artwork and allowed them to think about and discuss issues around identity and representation. Jadé was thrilled to be the focus of our work and visited the school twice with fellow artist collaborators from her studio.

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