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Remote Learning

In the event of school closure or children having to self-isolate we will be using online platforms to deliver home learning.  Guidance documents can be downloaded here:

Spring Term 1 2022

Welcome back to everyone, we hope you had a celebratory holiday and are ready for the busy term ahead.

The children had brilliant fun last term getting ready for Christmas. They loved decorating the nursery Christmas tree, wrapping presents, making stockings and practising for our virtual Christmas concert. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for the thoughtful and generous gifts and cards we received at Christmas.

This half term we will be reading a variety of stories including ‘Stick Man’, ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’, ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘Llama Llama Red Pajama’. The children have already been enjoying reading ‘Stick Man’ and have been retelling the story in the small world area and making their own Stick Man books.

Spring Nursery

We have also set up the role-play area outside as a vet. The children have been enjoying dressing up as doctors and looking after the animals by checking their heartbeats and wrapping their injuries in bandages.

Spring Nursery

We are welcoming new children to the nursery this term and would like to thank their parents and carers for attending our stay and play session and being so understanding about us carrying out our home visits in nursery. It was lovely to meet all of the new children and the older children are looking forward to being role models for their new friends.

Spring Nursery

Cooking and Playdough

 It’s time to ask for a voluntary contribution of £3.00 for this half term to help us fund the copious amounts of flour and salt we use and the extremely popular cooking sessions on a Thursday. Of course if you have any difficulty with this we are happy to receive contributions of any amount at any time. Thank you.

Junk Modelling

Please could you bring in any egg boxes, cereal boxes and other Christmas recycling or food packaging for the children to learn to make models.

Book bags

Please bring your child’s blue book bag on a Friday as the children love to choose a new book to take home for the weekend.


Please remember to wear masks in the nursery outside area and only enter the inside if invited by a staff member.

Autumn Term 2021

In the Autumn term the children will be becoming familiar with the boundaries and expectations of the setting. We will be helping your children feel confident to access resources and try new and challenging things.  We plan and set out learning opportunities based on the children’s interests and we would appreciate your input and ideas.

The children enjoyed visiting the school for our Stay and play sessions and made us welcome when we visited their homes and gardens. This is important start as the children become more familiar with the setting and the staff.


The fulltime children have been enjoying eating their lunch in nursery. Please make sure your child brings their lunch in a separate named bag and places it in the lunch crate. Kilmorie encourages healthy eating. Please make sure your child has either a sandwich, wrap, pasta, rice or similar healthy dish. You could also include finger foods such as cucumber, carrots or cut up fruit. Please include a bottle/drinks flask of water. You might like to invest in a food thermos to keep food warm for when the weather becomes cooler and children need to bring their own cutlery. Any nuts or food containing nuts are not permitted.

Our Learning Ethos

We strongly believe that you, at home and we, at school, are laying the foundations of all future learning. With this in mind we plan carefully to promote the characteristics of learning set out in the Early Years curriculum and to develop the qualities of ‘The Kilmorie Child’, which are encouraged throughout the school by all staff.  These characteristics of learning are being respectful, independent, innovative, empathetic and curious learners who can collaborate and cooperate.

Whilst believing that children learn best by taking account of their current interests, we ensure that we cover all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum, both inside and out, every day. Staff observe, support and extend children in their self-motivated play and record their progress.

The Nursery Session

In the morning the Nursery door will be open from 8.45 until 8:55. Parents are allowed on site and can come into the Nursery outdoor area. Please remember to wear a mask at all times on site. Parents will be allowed to enter the nursery building only whilst settling their child. Once your child is settled into Nursery please drop and leave your child with the staff and leave the nursery soon as possible to allow other parents space.

Each day we will be opening the door to end the morning session at 11.35am, children need to be collected by 11:45am at the latest. Your child will be called from the nursery door.

The afternoon session begins at 12.30 and you can also bring your child to the nursery door.

 At the end of the afternoon session the gate will be open at 3.20pm to allow parents time to collect older siblings. Please do not make a queue from the nursery door to the gate but spread yourself out in the nursery playground keeping a metre between you and other adults. Please be patient with us and we will hand over your child as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for being very prompt at drop off and collection times.


When you arrive for your session, please would you help your child find their name and a member of staff will take them inside and help them to find their coat peg and sanitise their hands. Please do not enter the nursery building unless instructed by a member of staff.

Your child is welcome to borrow a book from the Nursery. Staff can help them choose a book on a Friday and returning books will be left to self- isolate for 72 hours. This can only happen if your child brings their book bag to school.

And finally…..

  • Please make sure that your child wears sensible, easy to get on and off shoes and clothes to Nursery. Remember they are likely to get dirty so please don’t send them in special clothes.
  • Please send your child in with appropriate outer wear as we go outside in all weathers.
  • Please make sure that your child’s clothes are labelled so that if they get lost we know whom they belong to. Bring a spare set of clothes for your child whilst they’re settling. Full time children can leave a spare labelled bag of clothes on their peg and part time will need to take their bag home due to space restrictions.
  • If your child is going home with someone else, please let a member of staff know. If you forget, please make sure that you phone the school to let us know.
  • Please let us know immediately if anyone in the family has Chicken Pox, Measles or other viral illness
  • If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please keep them at home for 48 hours afterwards.
  • NHS advice- if your child has a fever keep them at home until the fever goes away. If your child has a minor cold and cough they can still come to school but a new continuous cough could be Coronavirus.
  • If your child has symptoms of Covid-19 please follow the government guidelines and inform the school immediately
  • If you have any questions/concerns please come and speak to one of us at the first opportunity.


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