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Summer Term 2021

Welcome back to Nursery after your Easter break.


Before Easter, the children were showing an interest in cutting and styling each other’s hair, so this half term we are going to be having a role play hairdressers inside the nursery. We are sure the children will enjoy using the hair dryers, hair clips and play scissors to give their friends a fresh new trim.

Playing at hairdressing

Garden centre

This half term our outdoor role play area will be a Garden Centre. If anyone has any empty or full seed packets, compost and/or seedlings that they would like to donate to nursery it would be very much appreciated! We have lots of pots, hanging baskets and small troughs to fill.

Garden centre

Helicopter stories

Once a week, the children will be making up oral stories for the adults to scribe. We do not give them ideas or correct their grammar, which gives them ownership of their stories. Then they act out the story with their peers at the end of the session.

Helicopter stories

 Friendly Reminders

  • Please ensure that your child’s bag containing spare clothes/nappies is clearly labelled. We are frequently accumulating plastic bags of spare clothes that all look the same.
  • Please only bring your book bags on Fridays if you would like to borrow a book. Unfortunately, we do not have room to accommodate them on other days.
  • It’s time to ask for a voluntary contribution of £3.00 for this half term to help us fund the copious amounts of flour and salt we use and the extremely popular cooking sessions.
  • Don’t forget to put sun cream on your child in hot weather and remember sun glasses are not allowed in school.

Spring Term 2 2021

Welcome back to Nursery!  It has been lovely to see all of the children again and they have all settled back in brilliantly. Last week we were focusing on the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children had fun creating their own goldilocks books, making bear masks and playing with gloopy porridge.

A Message from Juliette

Thank you so much for the voucher and the kind words. It is nice to know that there are still such kind people in the world.


Autumn Term 2020

In the Autumn term the children will be becoming familiar with the boundaries and expectations of the setting. We will be helping your children feel confident to access resources and try new and challenging things.  We plan and set out learning opportunities based on the children’s interests and we would appreciate your input and ideas.

Whilst believing that children learn best by taking account of their current interests, we ensure that we cover all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum, both inside and out, every day. Staff support and extend children in their self-motivated play. Staff observe, extend play and record progress. As we are aware that covid spreads less efficiently outside, we will encourage children to spend as much time in the outdoor area as possible. Please ensure your child comes to nursery in appropriate clothing for the weather.


The fulltime children have been enjoying eating their lunch in nursery. Please make sure your child brings their lunch in a separate bag and we will help them to place it into the correct lunch crate. Kilmorie encourages healthy eating. Please make sure your child has either a sandwich, wrap, pasta, rice or similar healthy dish. You could also include finger foods such as cucumber, carrots or cut up fruit. Please remember we are a nut free school, so please check that your child does not bring any products containing nuts.

Our Learning Ethos

We strongly believe that you, at home and we, at school, are laying the foundations of all future learning. With this in mind we plan carefully to promote the characteristics of learning set out in the Early Years curriculum and to develop the qualities of ‘The Kilmorie Child’, which are encouraged throughout the school by all staff.  These characteristics of learning are being respectful, independent, innovative, empathetic and curious learners who can collaborate and cooperate.

Whilst believing that children learn best by taking account of their current interests, we ensure that we cover all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum, both inside and out, every day. Staff support and extend children in their self-motivated play. Staff observe, extend play and record progress.

The Nursery Sessions

In the morning the Nursery door will be open from 8.45 until 8:55. Nursery children need to be dropped off before any older siblings unless their sibling are in year 3 or 4, in which case please be as prompt as possible. The afternoon session begins at 12.30.

Each day we will be opening the door to end the morning session at 11.35am, children need to be collected by 11:45am at the latest.

 At the end of the afternoon session the gate will be open at 3.20pm to allow parents time to collect older siblings. Please do not make a queue from the nursery door to the gate but spread yourself out in the nursery playground keeping a metre between you and other adults. Please be patient with us and we will hand over your child as quickly as possible.

When dropping off and picking up your child please ensure you are wearing a mask.

Thank you all for being very prompt at drop off and collection times.

Nursery Leaflet (pdf)


When you arrive for your session, please would you help your child find their name and a member of staff will take them inside and help them to find their coat peg and sanitise their hands. Please do not enter the nursery building unless instructed by a member of staff.

Borrowing Books

Children only need to bring their bookbags on a Friday if they would like to borrow a book from nursery. Staff can help them choose a book on a Friday and returning books will be left to self- isolate for 72 hours. This can only happen if your child brings their book bag to school. Please do not come into the nursery to change your child’s book.

And finally…..

  • Please make sure that your child wears sensible, easy to get on and off shoes and clothes to Nursery. Remember they are likely to get dirty so please don’t send them in special clothes.
  • Please send your child in with appropriate outer wear as we go outside in all weathers.
  • Please make sure that your child’s clothes are labelled so that if they get lost we know whom they belong to. Bring a spare set of clothes for your child whilst they’re settling. Full time children can leave a spare bag of clothes on their peg and part time will need to take their bag home due to space restrictions. Please do not put your child’s spare clothes in their bookbag as this can be hard for nursery staff to locate.
  • We provide both water and milk cartons for the children during the nursery session and ensure that all cups and jugs are cleaned thoroughly between each session. Please remember to bring oat milk in for your child if they have an allergy.
  • If your child is going home with someone else, please let a member of staff know. If you forget, please make sure that you phone the school to let us know.
  • Please let us know immediately if anyone in the family has Chicken Pox, Measles or other viral illness
  • If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please keep them at home for 48 hours afterwards.
  • NHS advice- if your child has a fever keep them at home until the fever goes away. If your child has a minor cold and cough they can still come to school but a new continuous cough could be Coronavirus.
  • If your child has symptoms of Covid-19 please follow the government guidelines and inform the school immediately
  • If you have any questions/concerns please come and speak to one of us at the first opportunity.



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