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In the event of school closure or children having to self-isolate we will be using online platforms to deliver home learning.  Guidance documents can be downloaded here:

Summer Term 2022

We start the Summer Term by learning more about Our World. We will find out about its wonders and the damage that is being caused to it and to each other by a lack of care.

We hope to teach the children the importance of respect for each other and for things around them. Similarities between people, living things and countries will be observed and any differences, celebrated and appreciated.

The learning will be made more meaningful through visits and visitors coming to school to showcase their animals.

In the final part of the term, learning will focus upon a ‘Take this Planet’ art project where all classes will produce a large scale outdoor installation of plant sculptures which we hope will be enjoyed for years to come.

In phonics the children will continue to apply all the sounds they know and start to make regular use of the Fab 5 to check they have completed their writing as well as they can.

In maths we will continue to look at how numbers are made up of smaller numbers, how a number is positioned in relation to other numbers and start to work regularly with numbers beyond 10, looking closely at patterns, upon which, future understanding is built.

Spring Term 2022

We will see in the New Year in Reception by learning all about celebrations! Beginning with the children writing their New Year’s News and talking about New Year’s resolutions, we will then spend two weeks preparing for and celebrating our Class Pets’ birthdays (always a very popular time of year in Reception!), before ending the term by learning all about the Lunar New Year.


We will also be marking National Storytelling Week in mid-January through a range of activities including scribing and acting out ‘helicopter stories’ (find out more here: ), sharing favourite books and creating props to use in role play.



Once the children have settled back into school, we will be welcoming them into their new phonics groups, which will be organised based on the knowledge we have gained of how your child learns best. These groups will allow us to best support your children to succeed and ensure that they are getting the most out of their phonics learning.

In maths we will continue to work our way through the secret numbers, beginning with 7 and continuing up to 10. As always, we will be exploring these numbers in-depth and using lots of real life objects for the children to use in order to apply their growing knowledge of numbers and the relationships between these.

Autumn Term 2 2021

We have loved learning the story of the Little Red Hen, we have learnt the Pie Corbett actions for the story language we use i.e. once upon a time, who, so, the end and practised re-telling this aloud.




We continue to have a Secret Number of the week (or over 2 weeks if necessary) which the children look forward to. This Autumn term we will focus on the numbers 0-7. Each week we learn in detail about that number e.g. what number is one more/less, which other numbers make up the whole number (5=1+1+1+1+1 or 5=1+4). We do all this investigating through physical objects such as counters, blocks, numicon, as well as singing songs and rhymes.



We want to thank all parents who continue to upload photos and/or videos to EExAT ( These are so useful in gaining a better understanding of your child, what they enjoy, what are their strengths and characteristics. Please get in touch with your class teacher if you have any difficulty logging in or uploading photos

Autumn Term 1 2021

Autumn Term is just beginning and we had the recent delight of meeting our new classes at the ‘stay and play’ event and home visits. We are now eager for the children to start.

This term we are going to be finding out all about your children’s likes and dislikes, who their friends and family are and how they’re settling in. It’s such an exciting time, getting to know these amazing young people. Through play, we will be finding out where they are in their learning, how they sort out problems or ask for help, and how they manage their friendships.

Outdoor days

Just a reminder, each class has a day where much of their learning is done outside. The children will spend the whole day (excluding phonics and lunch) outside and therefore need appropriate clothing for being active and outdoors.

Your child’s outside day is…



The theme of our learning is ‘Boxes’ for this half term. Our story stimulus is ‘My Cat likes to Hide in Boxes’. We will explore this topic across the curriculum from using boxes in art and design, re-telling the story to our friends to looking at different sizes and shaped boxes in our maths learning and much more. This is a general topic which will be adapted as we get to know the children’s interests.



Wow Cards

We would like to make you aware that we will be sending home WOW! cards for you to fill in. Please send one back if your child does anything significant at home so we can share their achievement in class. This also helps to gain a bigger picture of your child’s learning and understanding.

See example below…..

It’s a very exciting time to be in Reception, as they settle in, make new friends, explore our classrooms and playgrounds and get used to our class expectations.

There’s a lot more to come during this term so keep checking back for updates.

See you soon!

The Reception Team

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