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Summer Term 2 2021

Expressive art and design

This Summer half term we are working on our art project –

‘Take This Picture’. We are focusing on Jadé Fadojutimi, a local artist and her many pieces of art. The children will explore different mediums and have the opportunity to create their own amazing pieces! We will look at our identity, emotions and interests and use these to inspire our own abstract art.


In Reception our focus is not on how high we can count but having an in depth knowledge of things we can do with numbers up to 20 such as exploring what makes up the number. We will focus on the numbers 19 and 20, using the language of addition and subtraction when using several methods such as counting on our fingers, using numicon, tens frames and a number line.





We will also look at patterns, saying what they notice and learning to complete a repeating pattern.

The rest of time will be spent following the children’s interests and helping them transition successfully into Year 1, through making pictures about themselves for their new teacher.

Bug Club

Please click on the link below to access The Bug Club website.

This is the online reading scheme which allows your child access to hundreds of books at the click of a button. Your child can read them with you or when older & more confident, independently. Each book contains comprehension questions to boost reading skills. Points collected for completing the questions correctly can be used to play games. All of the books can be read to your child by the computer too.

Logins & passwords are held by your child’s teacher and have been sent home in a letter. Please encourage your child to access the website as often as possible.

If you have any problems with access at home, there is a trouble shooting guide held by Jennie on the school Reception desk.


Ashleigh, Philippa and Bethan

Summer Term 1 2021

Learning Focus

Our topic is “Full of Beans”

We are going to be learning about all sorts of growing, from plants, to animals and us! We are even hoping to have a visit from some animals near the end of this half term.


In Reception our focus is not on how high we can count but having an in depth knowledge of things we can do with numbers up to 20 such as exploring what makes up the number. We will focus on the numbers 16, 17 and 18, doubling and halving, and using the language of addition and subtraction when using several methods such as counting on our fingers, using numicon and a number line.


The children are growing in confidence and using their phonic knowledge to read and write for different purposes. As always we will encourage this, such as writing lists for resources they may want and letters to their friends and family. We will also be reading books on our topic such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Errol’s Garden, Superworm and Oliver’s Vegetables.




As it is getting warmer and sunny (hooray!), please ensure that your children come in with appropriate clothing that will protect from the sun but enable the children to remain cool.  Please make sure your children have a sun hat and are well creamed up before school.  Feel free to send in sun cream that your children can apply themselves. Please label all your children’s clothing so that any stray articles can be returned. Your children will continue to have an outdoor day, so please ensure they have waterproofs and welly boots when appropriate.

Reading Days

Please send your child’s book bag and yellow book in on their reading days so their books can be swapped and the class teacher can comment in the book.


Ashleigh, Philippa and Bethan

Spring Term 2 2021

Learning Focus

We have been learning about the importance of equality for everyone and how sometimes we need to be brave to achieve that. From Monday 8th March when the child will all be back, we will spend time going over the rules and routines as well as making sure the children are really happy to be back at school with one another.

Our topic learning will be REAL SUPER HEROES, which is all about people who help us. We are inviting parents who are key workers to send in videos talking about their jobs and offering the children the chance to ask questions.

We will also learn about different Spring festivals such as Holi, Easter and Norouz.


In Reception our focus is not on how high we can count but having an in depth knowledge of things we can do with numbers up to 20 such as exploring what makes up the number, what becomes before/after, doubling and halving and using the language of addition and subtraction.


As the children’s confidence has grown in writing their weekend news we will continue to encourage them to write for other purposes e.g. lists, captions, letters etc. and become independent with this. For those that are ready we will be encouraging them to extend their writing by using full sentences and added details.


Please ensure all clothing is named and that your child has warm clothing on their peg to change into, should they get wet. Please send in waterproofs and welly boots for your child’s outdoor day.

Reading Days

Reading days may change next term so that teachers get to share their time equally with all children. Please keep a look out for a new day being written on/in your child’s yellow book.


After the first week, once the children have settled back into the term we will be putting them into at least 3 groups that are not their usual class groups. They may do phonics in a different classroom but there will be a strict seating plan and as much spacing as possible to ensure they are only sat with their class members. Sometimes being in a new group can cause a bit of anxiety initially, but very quickly, they love the new opportunities this brings. The reason we spend a lot of time planning and thinking about this, is to best meet the needs and different learning styles of all children. We will not be able to change children into different groups unless, as term progresses, we feel it would benefit an individual.

Sports Challenge: week of 22.2.21

Below is this week’s sports challenge – don’t forget to submit your scores by Friday 26th February via the London Youth Game website !

The Tate Hear My Story Project

In 2018-19 The Tate ran the Yr3 Photography Project with the artist and director Steve McQueen.  The children who are now in Yr5 had their photographs taken and displayed in the Duveen Galleries at Tate Britain.  This year The Tate have launched the Hear My Story Project and we are delighted to announce that Kilmorie are taking part in this.  Kate launched the project in a recent whole school assembly and teachers have shared Part One of the project What Makes You, You? with their classes.

The project encourages students to think of themselves – their lived experiences, cultures, histories, ideas and questions – as the starting point for looking at art and making stories.

Here is a video which explains the first part of the project:

(1) Hear My Story: Part 2 – Introduction for Students | Tate – YouTube

It matters whose stories get told.  It matters whose stories we hear.

Part Two of the project is launched on March 15th and in the meantime, The Tate have produced two additional drawing projects. These are Y is for Who Are You? and W is for Who Are We? Further supporting information can be found in the documents below:

Phonics Guidance for Parents

Reception Curriculum Meeting October 2020

Update to Autumn Term 2020

A huge welcome to Ruby and Chloe our newest members of Reception. Each class has had the chance to meet them and read a couple of books all about Guinea Pigs. We can’t wait to learn more about them and what we need to do to take good care of them.

As you all know, at the beginning of the year each child was ask to fill a small box with four items that represent them such as photos, favourite toys, things they like doing etc. After a child shares their box with the class we are putting them up on display for all of the Early Years team to see. It is looking great so far; we can’t wait to add some more.

Autumn Term 2020

Autumn Term is well under way and the children have settled in beautifully. Our class routines are getting easier and we have enjoyed making new friends as well as meeting up with those we already know from Nursery.

This term we are going to be finding out all about your children’s likes and dislikes, who their friends and family are and how they’re settling in. It’s such an exciting time, getting to know these amazing young people. Through play, we will be finding out where they are in their learning, how they sort out problems or ask for help, and how they manage their friendships.

Outdoor Days

Just a reminder, each class has a day where much of their learning is done outside. Most children choose to spend much of the time outside and therefore need appropriate clothing for being active and outdoors, some choose to use the provision in the other classrooms.

Your child’s outside day is…

Tigers Tuesday 
Lions Wednesday
Bears Thursday


The theme of our learning is ‘Boxes’ this half term. Our story stimulus is ‘My Cat likes to Hide in Boxes’. We will explore this topic across the curriculum from using boxes in art and design, re-telling the story to our friends to looking at different sizes and shaped boxes in our maths learning and much more.

WOW Cards

We would like to make you aware that we will be sending home WOW! cards for you to fill in. Please send one back if your child does anything significant at home so we can share their achievement in class. This also helps to gain a bigger picture of your child’s learning and understanding.

See example below…..

It’s been a very exciting time in Reception classes so far. We’ve been settling in and making new friends, exploring our classrooms and playgrounds and getting used to our class expectations. A big well done to all the classes for their behaviour and sensible attitude at lunchtimes – they’re doing really well.

We’ve begun our phonics learning, shared stories about our class animals and have started exploring our topic on boxes! There’s a lot more to come during this term so keep checking back for updates. See you soon!


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