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Key Information

Lewisham Embedding Race Equality – Pledge

As a Lewisham school, we are committed to working together with all Lewisham schools to promote and embed race equality and achievement for all.

We have signed the below pledge, written by a group of Lewisham Headteachers, as a step toward achieving race equality for all.

We are expecting all Lewisham schools to publicly sign up to a pledge to Embed Race Equality and address Black Caribbean heritage and Black and Minority Ethnic under achievement.

This will entail a commitment to:

  • Targeting ambitious outcomes for Black Caribbean heritage and Black and Minority Ethnic pupils.
  • Reducing exclusions of Black Caribbean heritage pupils at all ages.
  • Leaders and governors taking a whole school approach to embedding race equality.
  • Transparent reporting and sharing of borough wide data trends.
  • Working together in new ways and sharing good practice to embed race equality in our school cultures and curriculum.
  • Actively developing high quality relationships with Black Caribbean heritage and Black and Minority Ethnic pupils and their parents.
  • Improving Black representation in school leadership and governing bodies
  • Lewisham schools holding each other to account. Lewisham Learning and Lewisham Council will internally support and challenge, including reporting annually to the Council, on the progress that is being made across Lewisham.

For further information in regards to this pledge and what it will mean for your child please click this link.