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School Organisation

School Dinners

At Kilmorie, our school lunches are offered by Chartwells. All of the food is prepared daily in the school kitchens. Only free range eggs and farm assured meat are used.

Themed Lunch

Please note that only children who normally have a packed lunch need to pre-order a themed lunch in advance.

What they say:

At Chartwells Schools, we create lifelong memorable moments by providing wholesome nourishment and exceptional learning at 1,800 schools across the country. We believe that the key to fuelling young minds comes from understanding both what they need and what they enjoy, which is why we develop nutritious and delicious food that pupils love, alongside helping to ensure a healthy body and mind.

We’re committed to making nutritional food accessible to every pupil, which is a core value of our fantastic teams across every primary school we work in. We create menus that are delicious, seasonal and healthy, using carefully selected ingredients that we know pupils love to reduce waste and build a more sustainable world for our future generations.

To find out more about the service Chartwells provides please visit their website, here.

The new menu below, will run from January 2024.

Free School Meals for Every London Schoolchild

Further to Mayor Sadiq Khan's announcement in February 2023, every London primary schoolchild will receive free school meals, all Kilmorie children will receive a free school meal. Read more here. You are welcome to provide a packed lunch if your child prefers, please see information below. 

Packed Lunch

You are welcome to provide your child with a packed lunch but as we are a healthy eating school we ask that your child’s lunch reflects this, also please could we kindly remind you that we endeavour to be a nut free school and would request that there are zero nuts or nut-based products in packed lunches.

For a range of health options and ideas for packed lunches as well as valuable tips the NHS Better Health have provided a wealth of ideas and recipes. To view please click here.

Heathy Schools London

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Kilmorie has been awarded the Healthy Schools London Bronze Award! This means that we have shown a dedication to promoting the health and well-being of our school community through a high-quality PE and PSHE curriculum, healthy eating, showing care for our environment and much more. So next time you’re in school, look out for our certificate. Next stop, silver award!

Sugar Smart

As of April 2019, Kilmorie School officially became a Sugar Smart School. The Sugar Smart campaign is run by Sustain. They are an alliance for better food and farming who aim to enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture and promote equality.

They work to help local authorities, organisations, workplaces and individuals to reduce the amount of sugar we all consume. Anyone can pledge to become Sugar Smart – from councils and schools to restaurants, hospitals and independent companies.

We are committed to helping the future and our children in any way we can. If you would like to pledge your support, please tap the link here