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Our School

School Uniform

Kilmorie is a no uniform school. We prefer to allow children to choose what they would like to wear and to be able to express themselves as they wish; nurture their individuality and respect the myriad of differences amongst the children. Our only expectation is that the children come to school wearing appropriate clothing for the weather and the activities they are doing, for example extra warm clothes for those winter Reception outdoor days!

We do not believe that children need to wear a uniform in order to show respect or that it improves behaviour outcomes, in fact we believe that respect is earned through the relationships the staff at Kilmorie forge with the children rather than anything they wear.

Clothing practicalities

Due to the nature of the activities children partake in at school, we naturally have to set some parameters to their clothing choices. We ask that parents do not send children in wearing off the shoulder or belly tops and that during the summer months there are no flip-flops – sandals with a strap at the back only please. We also request that no child is sent in with hoop earrings - studs only please, and that if a child is going to get their ears pierced, this is done over the 6 weeks holiday as they will be asked to remove all earrings during PE. 

When rain is forecast, do send your child in with a coat as they may not be allowed outside without one.

For younger children, please make sure you send them in wearing clothes that they can easily manage. Please only send children into school with lace-up shoes if they are able to tie them themselves.

We do not allow Fitbits or other smart watches in school.

Sport and PE

You may choose to send your child into school in their kits on PE days, however all children will need to be dressed appropriately in:

  • Indoor PE - shorts or leggings, T-shirt.
  • Outdoor PE - jogging bottoms, T-shirt, long-sleeved top (in colder weather), trainers or plimsolls.

All jewellery should be removed before arriving at school on PE days and shoulder-length or long hair should be tied back. This is for safety reasons.

Children may chose to bring their PE kit into school on a Monday and pick it up on a Friday to ensure it is available for all PE sessions.

Don’t forget to label all your children’s clothes (with their name and year class) as this will help it find its way back to the rightful owner.

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