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Our School

Our Governors

The Kilmorie School Governing Body is currently made up of 11 governor places, 1 staff, 4 parent, 5 co-opted governors and the Headteacher, who is an ex-officio governor.  We have one governor vacancy at present.

We aim to provide outstanding support, leadership and guidance to Kilmorie school, its pupils, its teachers and staff in order to enable the school to achieve its aims and mission.

The governing body helps to plan the strategic direction of Kilmorie primary school and we have an overview of school development and the curriculum.

We meet once a term and address national and local directives that affect the school as well as asking key questions about the current school position and planning for the future.

In addition, governors are involved in committees to address areas such as school performance, as well as other issues to do with buildings and finance. We also make regular visits to the school to see the curriculum being delivered and to look at policy in practice.

We play an active role in the school and enjoy involvement in school performances and events – you can find us at the summer barbecue and the Christmas Fair.

Governors support the school through the school’s vision and aims through Link Governor roles and responsibilities, please see how Link Governor roles support the schools vision: 

Link Governor Roles & School Vision

Kilmorie's Vision

To equip all pupils with the skills and knowledge to become successful citizens of the future. We want to enable them to reach their academic potential, be effective communicators and to support their mental and physical wellbeing. We strive to evoke a love of learning that will stay with them well into adulthood.  

Link Governor Roles

We will achieve our vision by:  Link Governor Role  Link Governor
Creatively managing our school’s resources to get the best outcomes and environment that can be achieved, and that provides the means to deliver on our goals 

Ensuring that the school effectively manages is financial position to support its key objectives.  

That the school buildings and premises are well looked after and managed.  

That the school makes the most of its site and environment.  

That the school makes good use of IT and other technology.  

Finance Link Governor   


Ensuring the school environment is fit for purpose, sustainable and safe.   

Having safe and well-maintained buildings and outside areas.  

Ensuring that all children are safe.  

Ensuring that all children understand how to access technology safely.   

That children are and feel well looked after and cared for.  

Health & Safety Link Governor  


Safeguarding Link Governor 


Having a stimulating, creative and engaging curriculum that is delivered in a way that is differentiated, accessible and challenging.  

Having a broad and balanced creative curriculum that covers not only the core assessed subjects but also the full range set out in the national curriculum.  

Ensuring all children have access to a curriculum that is accessible and meets their needs.   

Curriculum Link Governor - Sally

SEN Link Governor - Karlene


Creating a learning environment and equipping all children with the skills and knowledge to become successful citizens of the future.   

Ensuring all children have the best opportunities to learn and are supported effectively, including those with special educational needs and / or identified as Pupil Premium.   

A strong focus on children having a positive attitude to their learning and challenged to make excellent progress.  

Enabling them to reach their academic potential.   

Having an effective assessment framework for all areas, and regular reviews of each child’s progress.  

Enabling them to become effective communicators, with a focus on the Kilmorie Child Qualities.   

Learning and Achievement Link Governor  


Actively engaging with parents and carers, and the wider community, including the utilisation of appropriate technology.   

Ensuring that the school communicates effectively with all its stakeholders, including managing complaints. That the wider community is appropriately involved.  

Ensuring that the school makes optimum use of available technology.   

Communication & Technology Link Governor  


Actively tackling inequalities and celebrating diversity, and fostering relationships built on mutual respect.  

Ensuring that all children are included and supported within the school.   

That diversity is celebrated in a number of ways within the school and is embedded across the whole curriculum.   

That children and staff respect each other, which is demonstrated in behaviour and attitudes.  

Equalities Link Governor   


Supporting children (and staff) well-being and developing their understanding of wider social conscience.  

Ensuring we support the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children (and staff) in the school. Identifying those that need additional support.   

Ensuring pupils build an understanding of the wider world.  

Considering their role in society and as a citizen, including appreciating environmental considerations.  

Wellbeing Link Governor  





Nurturing a body of staff who are highly trained, motivated and supported.  

Ensuring that the school’s staff as a whole are supported and receive appropriate training and opportunities for growth and development.  

That the school has an effective leadership team.  

Having an effective staff and Head Teacher performance management processes in place.  

  • Karlene is an associate governor, she attends but does not have a vote on the committee.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor, there are a number of documents available from the school office or you can find out more at

To contact Kilmorie school governors via email here.