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Monday night girls football league: 1-0 win

It was yet another successful night for our Monday night girls football league! 

After sickness and other commitments we ended up playing with just 6 girls and no subs. At the beginning of the game we knew we had to win or draw with Fairlawn primary to stay at the top of the league table. With this in mind and an inspirational message from our captain, who couldn't be with us, the girls went out and absolutely gave it their all! 

During the match we had an injury which saw us playing with only 5 girls for a few minutes and still the girls gave it all they had. A big well done to Roisin for her resilience, getting back on the pitch after injury and giving her all!

The girls battled right till the very end and after a great finish from Serena we took, and held, our 1-0 win.  This means that Kilmorie girls are still top of the league with just one more game to go. 

The girls definitely could show some of the Premier League teams about passion, fight, determination and never giving up!

"I am so proud of each and every one of you and thank you to the girls for making Monday night one of the best matches me and the head of the league have ever seen!!" Jane Catton, coach.