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Monday Night -Team B Year 5

The Monday night league continued this week for our boys B team (year 5). They were told when they arrived that they would be playing 2 games. The team was fired up and ready to go!

Their first game was against St Michael's team - a strong team. It wasn't long before St Micheal's got scored ther first goal, but that did not deter our equally strong Kilmorie team. It wasn't long before Kilmorie scored to make it 1-1. At half-time we had a team talk and Kilmorie went out fighting. Despite St Micheal's scoring again, it didn't reflect the way our team played with determination, fight and never gave up. It was a great game to watch.

Our second game was against St Mary's and this was an equally exciting game. The boys took onboard everything that we had discussed before the game - from marking a player, to pushing forward and taking our chances. They came away with a 2-1 win!

Well done to all of the team B boys, you really played with passion and determination. You never gave up and didn't let it bother you that you were playing against some year 6s too. 

Thank you to the parents, as always your support and encouragement on the sidelines is always much appreciated.