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World Book Day 2023

World Book Day at Kilmorie, our school transformed into a walking library. Even Miss Trunchbull, aka Louise, came in... she was scary!

"I feel like I have walked into a magical world where all (or lots of) my favourite stories have come to life! It has been lovely to hear children share with me who they have dressed up as, or what they like to read when snuggled in their Pyjamas at bedtime." Julie Loffstadt (Headteacher)

Please take a look at the amazing costumes here, the children enjoyed discussing their costumes and favourite stories.

In our World Book Day assembly each year group chose elements of the story: who, what, where, etc. Fiona (our curriculum lead for reading) also reminded the children that we all have stories inside us waiting to come out, that have come from all the amazing books we have read over the years.