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Year Four

Curriculum Coverage 2022-2023

This document shows a brief yearly overview of the curriculum for Year Four. 

Spring 2 2023


Welcome back to the second half of the spring term. The first half term was certainly action-packed. This half term the children will move on from the Anglo-Saxons to the Vikings in history, ending with the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The children will apply their history and geography learning to answer the big question.

The big question that is our topic focus this half term is: Were the Vikings invaders or settlers?

Maths, English & Science

In maths, the children will be learning about fractions and developing a deeper understanding of what these are. They will then move on to look at the link between fractions and decimals.

The focus will be writing to entertain. To support the children with this they will be taking part in the National Theatre Story Seekers workshops. The children will then write their own stories inspired by these sessions.

In science, the children will be learning about the human digestive system. They will learn about the role of the teeth and then the different organs that are involved with the digestion of their food. They will have fun modelling the digestive process and making poo!

History / Geography, French, Computing, Art & Religious Education

History / Geography
In history, the children will move on to learning about the Vikings. The focus will be particularly around the political events of the year 1066 and what led up to the Battle of Hastings. They will evaluate the bias of different sources and compare the use of primary and secondary sources.
In geography, the children will study settlements, looking at the reasons why people migrate and settle in different places both in the past and the present day. They will use maps to see if these help to identify good places to create settlements.

The children will be learning body parts (as opposed to face features last term) and their use, building sentences with the word ‘pour’ (to). The book ‘Merci, mon corps’ will help to reinforce their learning.

The children will be using Scratch to create music and J2 Write to create blogs. They will learn to use sequencing and repetition in programming. They will think and learn about appropriate behaviour and language use on the internet.

The children are going to focus on line drawings to create their mythical creatures inspired the Nordic myths. They will then use paint and collage to create texture for their final creature.

Religious Education
The children will continue to learn more about Judaism. They will continue to learn about the different festivals and the importance of The Torah.

PSHE, Music & PE

The children will be learning about a healthy lifestyle and what they can do to keep themselves healthy.

Year 4 will be continuing their intensive 1-year course on the Ukulele. This half term they will be using their Ukuleles to explore the 12-bar blues.

In indoor PE the children will be practising yoga and Pilates, linking this with their learning about mindfulness from children’s mental health week.
In outdoor PE the children have specialist coaches coming in to develop their cricket skills.

PE days:

Class Indoor Outdoor
Shipra Wednesday Friday
Rebecca Wednesday Friday
Sarah Wednesday Friday

If they are not changing in school on PE days, children must come dressed appropriately.

  • Indoor PE - shorts or leggings, T-shirt.
  • Outdoor PE - jogging bottoms, T-shirt, long-sleeved top (in colder weather), trainers or plimsolls.

Please remember that long hair needs to be tied back, and no jewellery is to be worn on PE days except stud earrings that cannot be removed.

Home Learning

Please follow this link for information about home learning for English and Maths.

Sarah, Shipra and Rebecca

Year 4 Horniman Museum

Year 4 - Horniman Viking Workshop

Year 4 - Rebecca's assembly - Vikings