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Parents & Carers


Welcome to the Reception area. Reception is important for continuing to lay down the foundations of a successful future in education. We plan experiences that may be linked to local or world events but much of our planning is led by the interests of our 3 ‘special’ children chosen each week to hold significant roles within the class that week. Alongside this child-led planning, we teach tightly structured phonics and maths lessons to the whole class for short amounts of time daily.

Most of the children’s time is spent engaged in learning the way we believe children learn best, which is through meaningful, deeply engaging play that is planned for and resourced to maximise the learning for all children.

Throughout the year, we plan parent events for you to attend and see what your child has been learning and workshops for you to find out more about the Kilmorie curriculum.

The Reception Team

Bethan - Bears class - Class Teacher 

Irene - Lions class - Class Teacher

Will - Tigers class - Class Teacher

Shara - Teaching Assistant -Bears

Leela - Teaching Assistant - Lions

Kali - Teaching Assistant - Tigers (4 days)

The Reception Curriculum


Damien Egan opens Early Years Outside Play Area