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Parents & Carers

Home Learning

Children have CGP books for their English and Maths home learning; teachers will let them know on Thursday which page(s) they need to complete for the following Tuesday. Please encourage your child to look over their home learning on Thursday, so their teacher can answer any questions on Friday. 

Children are also expected to be reading for 20 minutes a minimum of 5 times a week, as well as practising times tables as necessary.

Recommended Reading List

Topic Projects or Activities

If you would like to do some additional home learning, here are some ideas linked to our foundation learning. Remember to bring in anything you do at home so we can share it with the class.

Research the continent of South America, using the Oddizzi website to help you with this. Children can log in using the details below:  

Username: Kilmorie 

Password: World123 

You could also: 

  • Cook a dish from one or more countries; take a photograph and/or write a recipe to share 

  • Create a model of one of the many varied landscapes 

  • Research the flora and fauna of a country on this continent; display your information in a poster, PowerPoint or leaflet 

  • Create a piece of art inspired by a South American artist 

  • Write a brochure/travel guide for a South American country of your choice. Include pictures so it will be eye-catching! 

  • Make a rainforest survival guide. Include a kit list, dangerous animals to watch out for, health and safety instructions and a diagram with labels of how to build a shelter

If your child is using the Internet for research, please remember that you may not have the same level of filtering and monitoring at home as we have in school. The website suggested above has been checked, but if your child is carrying out free research please be vigilant about what they are accessing.

Click here for more information about keeping your child safe online