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Our science curriculum equips pupils to use their scientific skills and knowledge to be successful citizens of our rapidly changing world. 

Science at Kilmorie encourages children to grow into independent and inquisitive thinkers who have the skills to ask questions, research answers, observe closely, present findings, suggest hypotheses for testing and record data. Our science learning is safe, practical and hands on. We focus on using correct technical vocabulary and explore a range of information from a variety of different sources. 

We take every opportunity to give our learning a real-life context by using our Wild Garden, Time Garden and Physic Garden. In addition, we use local amenities such as woods, rivers and museums to not only explore our past and present, but also to consider our future. We hold a Science Week every year that brings the school together to explore the importance and the excitement of science. 

We often approach scientific concepts through cross-curricular themes. The children draw on the skills learnt in other subjects when presenting their findings and recording their results. Examples of this include scientific observational drawing; creating bar charts and graphs; using language and oracy skills to describe and illustrate investigations. Speaking and listening skills are developed through collaboration and teamwork. 

There are four main areas of learning in science, which comprise of: 

  • scientific enquiry 
  • life processes and living things 
  • materials and their properties 
  • physical processes 

Elements of science can be seen in other curriculum areas, for example, links are made to Mental and Physical Wellbeing as well as Sex and Relationships Education.