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At Kilmorie we want to provide children with the opportunity to experience a variety of dance styles from a variety of cultures. There are no right or wrong answers in dance and children have a safe space to freely explore different themes, styles and expressions. Dance is a wonderful and healthy way for the children to learn to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe way. It is also a brilliant creative outlet for those who may struggle to express their thoughts and feelings.  

Kilmorie children benefit from having two specialist dance teachers who work with them from Year 2 to Year 6. During this time, they will learn skills through ballet, contemporary, jazz and street dance. Dance is taught through two areas; dance as art where they learn how to use dance as an art form of expression and dance as PE where they learn to develop their balance, stamina and strength. 

Children at Kilmorie also get the opportunity to perform in our end-of-year and Christmas performances where they can combine their different learning and experiences throughout the arts subjects including dance.