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Physical wellbeing and physical education (PE) play a very important part in children’s learning at Kilmorie. The intention of our PE curriculum is to teach our pupils the skills and knowledge needed for them to lead active and healthy lives and to instil a great love for  sport in them that will stay with them for their adult life.

We want to develop the children’s physical wellbeing in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment, whilst encouraging them to take risks and make mistakes as they develop. We want the children to be engaged and motivated by our PE curriculum and to develop active habits for life. We are committed to using physical activity to support the children’s wellbeing and for children to understand that physical activity benefits their mental wellbeing.

All children have a weekly Indoor and Outdoor PE session. In addition to the PE lessons, pupils learn about the importance of health and fitness through the PSHE curriculum. Children also take part in The Daily Mile.

Kilmorie's Broad and Balanced PE Curriculum

Children participate in a broad and balanced PE curriculum throughout their time at Kilmorie. There is a clear progression of skills and knowledge as each year pupils build on the skills they have learnt previously: PE Overview and Progression Map. These skills are taught through individual, partner and team activities. PE lessons are taught by either the class teacher, an HLTA or Jane, our Sports Coach.  
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – physical activity is a key part of the day for our Nursery and Reception children. They have dedicated outdoor spaces where they learn through play and develop their gross motor skills through a range of activities. They have opportunities to use climbing equipment, balls, scooters and building resources. 

In Key Stage 1, pupils develop basic skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching and they apply these skills across a range of sports and games. In Key Stage 2, pupils build on their knowledge and experience from Key Stage 1 to further develop tactical skills, improve their individual and team performances and apply their skills to a range of different sports and games. 

We have two specialist dance teachers who work with the children in years 1 to 4 for a half-term of dance sessions based on cross-curricular themes, while Years 5 and 6 have street dance.  

In year 4, pupils participate in an intensive two-week swimming programme at Forest Hill Pools, which really helps them develop their skills and confidence. Year 4 children will also have the opportunity to work with cricket coaches from a local cricket club. See photos in our photo gallery

The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a fully-inclusive, free and simple initiative which improves the physical and mental health of children. It’s a social activity where the children run or jog, at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day, and it improves focus in the classroom.

How can I get involved if my child is doing The Daily Mile at school?

If your child is doing The Daily Mile at school you can support this at home, by both encouraging their confidence in running and moving outside with them, out of school hours. Parents often say that The Daily Mile helps children to eat and sleep better and that often they become young ambassadors for whole family fitness!

 If you’d like to also participate in The Daily Mile, you can sign up to the adults initiative here.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

Opportunities to participate in physical activities is not limited to our PE lessons. As part of our extra-curricular enrichment clubs, we offer a wide range of sporting activities, such as hockey, football, dance, karate, Irish dancing, street dance and lawn games. These take place before school, at lunchtime and after school.  

Click here to see a list of our current  Enrichment Clubs 

Throughout the year, certain year groups will have the opportunity to attend sports festivals and competitive events with children from other local primary schools.  Competitions and festivals include Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Multi-Skills, and Athletics.  

Kilmorie Sports News

We are keen to celebrate children’s sporting achievements at Kilmorie. For updates on Kilmorie’s sporting activities and achievements, please follow this link.