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Design Technology

Our design and technology curriculum encourages children to become innovative, resourceful and critical thinkers. 

Following a ‘design, make, evaluate’ model, pupils work logically to research, explore, create and evaluate functional products. They will also develop technical knowledge including building and strengthening structures; including mechanical and electrical systems in their products and by Year 6 they will include computer programming using Crumble software. Cooking and Nutrition is also an important part of D.T. and this is covered every year, helping to develop this crucial life skill through a range of projects including Stone Age soup, Egyptian cocktails and celebratory bread rolls. 

Through D.T., pupils should develop an understanding of the role design and technology plays both in our society and globally. Children will work to a variety of different ‘design briefs’, ranging from egg protectors to Jamaican inspired patties. We also hold an annual Great Kilmorie Design Challenge, bringing the school together to celebrate design. 

Independence and collaboration, along with thinking and technical skills are developed in our projects, which could be either stand-alone or linked in to our cross-curricular learning.